Here's How You Can Watch Hell's Kitchen Season 19 For Free

Sometimes 18 seasons of your favorite show just aren't enough, especially when you know that the next season is out there, taunting you. "Hell's Kitchen" is that kind of show. There is something oddly addictive about watching culinary superstar Gordon Ramsay flip his tousled lid. While viewers have grown accustomed to Ramsay's liberal use of curse words that would get a child's mouth washed out with soap, his acerbic wit never fails to entertain. With zingers like, "This lamb is so undercooked, it's following Mary to school," "There's enough garlic in here to kill every vampire in Europe," and "For what we are about to eat, may the Lord make us truly not vomit," Ramsay's rapier repartee is a huge draw (via Parade). 

"Hell's Kitchen" is never short on drama and intrigue, either. Everyone likely remembers the shocking moment when Joseph ripped off his jacket and invited Ramsay to take it outside and called him a "b*tch." There was the vicious verbal smackdown between Kimmie and Robyn in the dorms, and Bryant's explosive reaction to his team's decision to put him up for elimination. Clearly, there is rarely a dull moment on this action-packed, highly emotional culinary competition — and its audience can't get enough. 

Thankfully, you are no longer limited to the first 18 seasons. You read that right. Season 19 is now available to view for free. Here's how. 

YouTube is now airing Season 19 uncensored

When Reddit user u/riddy_pr posted in r/HellsKitchen that Season 19 is now available on YouTube uncensored, everyone was thrilled. "I've been trying to find this for a year without success. Happy to hear this," one person commented, while another expressed happiness that they don't have to "watch on Dailymotion anymore since it has too many annoying ads." Someone else left a reminder that "Season 19 is now available on the Filmrise app uncensored as well." One caveat, however, is that it is only available in the United States. 

Finally, viewers can witness Mark's temper tantrums, an appearance by Criss Angel, romance between Mary Lou and Cody, and one chef acing the Blind Taste Test challenge. This season's excitement carries through right to the very end with one of the tightest races between the final three contenders ever — right up there with Season 17's All-Star battle between Michelle, Benjamin, and Nick. And, of course, Season 19 also boasts the obligatory Gordon Ramsay rage, bickering contestants, and epic culinary failures — everything you've come to love and expect from "Hell's Kitchen."