The Creepy Burger King Commercial That Left Reddit Disturbed

Imagine, if you will, that you're flickering through your TV late at night. It's that time of night when the usual line-up of shows has gone with the sun, and all there is left to fill the hours of airtime are infomercials and reruns of long-canceled shows. Commercials for cheap junk, disconnected episodes of ancient soap operas, public access bulletin boards playing copyright-free muzak — it's a strange and empty world, catering to night owls, TV junkies, and insomniacs. Every so often, hidden away in those analog and digital rabbit holes, you may see something that will leave you utterly baffled.

You may recall seeing commercials for the "Rejuvenique," a "beauty mask" that not only delivers "electric pulses" to the wearer's face as part of a strange rejuvenation technique but makes one look like the killer in an '80s horror flick. You may remember being serenaded by the screaming rat-like creatures known as "spongmonkeys," whose wild eyes and shrieking voices commanded viewers to sate their sandwich cravings at their local Quiznos (via The Huffington Post). You have to wonder what the point of these commercials is, especially since they don't leave you in any way shape, or form wanting to try their product.

Such is the case with one commercial for Burger King, which combined the supposed irresistibleness for flame-grilled burgers with Lynchian/Cronenberg-esque surrealism.

What does a snake-man have to do with Burger King?

The scene from Burger King's creepiest commercial is as follows: a man sits down in what looks like to be an office break room, opening the wrapper of his Burger King burger. The man stands up to get a drink from a vending machine, unaware that sitting behind him is another man. The man licks his lips, flicking his tongue in palpable anticipation as he stares at the other man's lunch. Suddenly, the man drops down onto the floor, moving his body like a snake, gliding across the linoleum floor while energetic pop music plays. The man wiggles his way to the unattended burger, before grotesquely unhinging his jaw to fit the enormous burger entirely into his mouth. As the first man finally notices his burger has been stolen, the snake-man stands up, and before launching into impromptu kung-fu moves, announces, "Burger King Triple Whopper! Eat like a snake!"

This commercial took Redditors on r/Unexpected by surprise, simply because it was, well, unexpected for a Burger King commercial. While some were confused as to what exactly the commercial meant, some claimed to know the "snake-man's" identity as Ilram Choi, a stuntman who performed in such films as "Spider-Man" and "Guardians of the Galaxy," per IMDb. While his profile doesn't exactly mention him appearing as "Burger King snake-man" in a commercial, it's an impressive feat to go from eating Triple Whoppers in one go to performing in big-budget blockbuster movies.