Why One Trendy Baking Dish Is Overrated, According To Reddit

Kitchens are sacred places for some people: The notion of cooking to relax, moving from one step to the next with ease and enjoyment, and having all the ingredients necessary to make a delicious dinner is considered a hobby for a large number of people. In fact, the amount of Americans showing an interest in preparing at-home meals has increased significantly over the last few years with 39% now cooking at home at least three times a week (via Kitchen Infinity).

The thought of not having that one tool or dish you need to make a recipe could put a damper on that much-loved pastime, but is there always just one solution for every problem? Sure, it's great to have all the recommended kitchen tools while you're chopping and frying like a sharp steady knife or an adequately sized non-stick pot, but if you didn't have those items readily available, would your food make it to the other side with the same palatability?

As the summer holidays approach and you remember all the important tips to keep in mind when baking such as taking the temperature of your oven before baking that American flag cake, consider reevaluating what dishes you truly need to make your recipes. According to some Redditors, there is one baking dish out there that isn't a make-or-break necessity, especially when you see the cost.

Some Redditors can take or leave the Dutch oven

A few months ago, one Reddit user posted in the r/cooking community asking members if the Dutch Oven was a kitchen necessity. While some members were avid Dutch oven owners, multiple users claimed that you can achieve similar results with a heavy-duty stock pot or pressure cooker. One Redditor remarked, "If you have a pressure cooker or crock pot, you likely don't need the Dutch oven. They sorta all do the same thing."

While a lot of the pro-Dutch oven users made the argument that you need one to make the classic no-knead bread recipe, one home baker from California wrote an article for Bon Appétit asserting you can achieve the same results and create that heat retention with a $4 foiled sheet pan from a grocery store.

Given the current price hikes on seemingly every item in the country, if money is a concern, you may want to explore one of the many Dutch oven alternatives. While there are a plethora of options out there, the highest-ranked Dutch ovens in a review by Consumer Reports range from $40 to more than $300. Even the cheapest highly rated one will put a slight dent in your wallet.

Given the hot summer months, while you may be sticking to no-bake dessert recipes for your upcoming seasonal holidays and cookouts, the next time you do turn your oven on, rest assured you don't need a Dutch oven to make a great meal.