Why You Should Consider Making Pizza In A Smoker

What kind of a pizza person are you? No, this isn't about if you think pepperoni is the only acceptable choice on a pizza, or if you think the person who invented pineapples on pizza should be put on trial. This is about the crust, the pizza itself. Are you the type of person who likes it nice and chewy, or do you enjoy the satisfying crunch of a golden-brown crust? There's no wrong answer, of course, since it's all up to personal taste. Let's say, for the sake of example, that you enjoy sinking your teeth into a crunchy, golden, slice of pizza, letting the soft, gooey cheese contrast with the fresh crisp, somewhat-charred crust. How do you get that perfect balance without burning your pizza to a black disc or making an undercooked mess?

According to Wide Open Eats, the solution to a crispy pizza is as simple as taking a cooking brush to the crust and bottom of the pizza with a few drops of olive oil. ManMadeDIY's solution is a bit more complicated in terms of placement, recommending that you place your frozen pizza directly on the rack "second from the bottom." This will supposedly help to ensure that your pizza will be exposed to as much dry heat as possible, getting that perfect golden-brown crust.

While all of these are good ideas and worth considering, there's one appliance that, although good for meat and fish, might be your best friend in this scenario.

Why use a smoker?

If you've ever worked with a smoker before, chances are you've never really considered it for pizza making. The idea of melted cheese all over your smoker's interior doesn't sound too appealing when you first think about it. But there is a way to make pizza in your smoker and reap the delicious benefits that come with it. According to RealSimple, the benefits of a smoker are twofold. The smoker doesn't give direct heat the same way a grill or an oven does, so it ensures that the pizza is cooked through without running the risk of burning it. You also get extra flavor from the type of wood you're using, which helps give the pizza a much deeper flavor profile.

While RealSimple instructs you to set the smoker's temperature to what is instructed on the pizza's box, how do you go about cooking the pizza? According to Bella Bacino, to prepare a frozen or fresh pizza in a smoker, you should place your pizza stone (should you have one) on the lowest rack of your smoker. Smokin' Brothers offer a simple tutorial on how to prepare a pizza, suggesting that a simple piece of cardboard can be used in lieu of a pizza stone.

If you don't have a smoker, but still want to experiment with different ways to make your pizza, you could also try making your pizza in an air fryer.