The Sweet Way Pieology Used Lemons To Celebrate Blueberries

Blueberries and lemons are a classic combo that plays a starring role in baking, cocktails, and even gelato during the summer months when blueberries are in season and at their sweetest. A quick Google search will reveal that for whatever reason, people's taste buds seem to really enjoy this dynamic duo. A food reporter for the Baltimore Sun shared how much she loves these two fruits paired together in baked goods, referencing Anna Pump, who co-authored "Country Weekend Entertaining: Seasonal Recipes From Loaves and Fishes and the Bridgehampton Inn." Pump wrote in her cookbook, "Blueberries are lovely, but not on their own unless you add some lemon. The acid complements the rather blandness of the blueberry." 

We will let you debate the merits of that statement, but clearly, there are people who think the two flavors together are delicious. And Pieology, the California pizza chain that says there are 78 billion pizza combinations to be had (via PR Newswire), must agree. Per Chew Boom, in honor of National Blueberry Day, July 8, the pizza chain announced a new dessert that boasts these fruity flavors. Temporarily expanding a menu that includes stone-fired pizzas, salads, and cinnamon churro dessert pizza, the eatery has added a new cookie.

Chewy fruity cookie alert

According to Chew Boom, Pieology has added a David's Lemon Blueberry Cookie to its dessert offers. The food news site shares that these David's Lemon Blueberry Cookies are sold in twos for $5.25 and are only available for a limited time. What do they taste like? Per David's Cookies website, the cookie is made with natural lemon flavor and dried wild blueberries. They are an amalgamation of sweetness and tartness and are described as both "tender" and "chewy." Pieology also offers several House-Baked David's Cookies. Those options include Triple Chocolate Cookies that contain Hershey's Mini Kisses and a peanut butter cookie made with Reese's (via Pieology).

However, if $5.25 sounds a little steep for two cookies, fans can always save their Abe Lincolns and make their own sweets. The blog Stephanie's Sweet Treats shares a recipe for chewy lemon blueberry cookies that doesn't require a mixer or extra time for chilling the dough. The blogger uses frozen wild blueberries in her version of these treats which cookbook author Anna Pump said will keep the fruit from ending up at the bottom of your batter (via Baltimore Sun).