Never Order This At Steak 'N Shake Unless You Want To Waste Money

In 1934, the first Steak 'n Shake opened in Normal, Illinois, and for almost 90 years has been a staple for many, offering a slice of American nostalgia (via WGLT). The budget-friendly prices, hand-dipped milkshakes, classic steak burgers, and more are served with a unique 1950s aesthetic. Started by Edith and Gus Belt, who had an uncommon focus on cleanliness, their early motto for Steak 'n Shake was "In Sight, It Must Be Right," which is why their cooks could be seen through glass windows. While this idea is more commonplace today, back then, it was a relatively new concept for a burger place.

According to Restaurant Business, the company was able to turn a profit last year for the first time in four years. This was sparked by their focus on streamlining their business to be a counter service, fast food model instead of a full-service, family dining one. While steak burgers and milkshakes have always been their focal point, their menu includes items like hot dogs, fries, grilled cheese, and more. However, not everything is worth a try, according to a former employee who spilled the beans on what items they would advise customers to steer clear from (via Reddit).

No BLT and Chili please

In a recent Reddit thread where people who work in fast food discussed what items they would not order from their job, a former Steak 'n Shake employee revealed why customers should avoid buying the BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) sandwich.

The user stated, "You're paying like $6 for two pieces of toast and two strips of bacon. The problem is that the BLT is supposed to be made with four strips of bacon (eight pieces when broken in half) but nobody does this, usually due to managers trying to invisibly cut costs." Given this new information, it sounds like good advice to choose something else from the menu.

The suggestions didn't stop there. Another user advised against buying the chili as well as offering other warnings. As reported in The Pioneer Woman, the user stated, "Chili is a no-no, they never ever cycle their grease, they never clean the shake station, and never ever have enough employees to run the place properly so nothing ever gets done."