Reddit Was Impressed By The Creative Transformation Of A Kirkland Liquor Bottle

Summertime is here, which means that the one thing many of us have been waiting for is ready to kick off: outdoor cocktail parties. All that's left to do now is to choose which drinks to order at the bar or mix up at home in our own kitchens. That should be easy enough, as there's a vast variety of classic cocktails you should know how to make. So far, some of the most popular cocktails this year include the old-fashioned, dry martini, and daiquiri, reports VinePair.

The negroni, in fact, is at the top spot, consisting of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth (via, which means that an increasing number of people are balancing the summer sweet life by taking their cocktails on the bitter side. However, the popularity of sweet and tangy margaritas has never waned. A consistent favorite in the warmer months, an authentic margarita should be made with a mixture of lime juice, Cointreau, and tequila, says TasteAtlas, and garnished with salt on the rim and a little wheel of lime. But who said the drink has to be enjoyed in the traditional margarita glass? One margarita that was served in an unusual way recently made the rounds on Reddit, and people are pretty impressed by the resourceful piece of glassware.

A bar in Mexico turned a Kirkland bottle into a margarita glass

Reddit user u/wethley recently posted a photo of the margaritas they enjoyed at Santo Remedio Bar & Tacos in Todos Santos, Mexico. Per reviews on Restaurant Guru, the bar is known for its friendly staff, fish tacos, and great margaritas — which are sometimes served in recycled, repurposed glassware. For u/wethley, at least, the cool drink was poured into an old Kirkland liquor bottle from Costco, which had been cut off at the lower half, turned upside-down, and stuck to a wooden base. Per tradition, there was salt on the rim and a lime garnish.

Redditors seemed pretty impressed by the bar's invention — and not only because they're fans of Kirkland's booze, highly rated by experts but available for a much lower price than the name-brand stuff. Some users were worried that the edges must be sharp or jagged, so people might cut their lips while drinking. "You wanna know how I got these scars?" one user chimed in with a "Joker" reference. However, the original poster quickly explained that the rim was "polished," and he had no issues with the glass. Others were just happy to learn that they can give their liquor bottles a new life, responding with things like "dopeness" and "pretty slick idea."