Why Truly's Summer Variety Pack Is Music To Dua Lipa's Ears

Summer, Truly Hard Seltzer, and a sizzling beat could be the perfect combination. While Truly Poolside Variety Pack might not require a lavish watering hole, the flavors can bring a sip of refreshment to any sunny day. For Dua Lipa, Truly's Chief Flavor Officer, the soundtrack of the summer remixes a touch of nostalgia with a beat that has everyone ready to enjoy a spirited summer. While the BBC credited Lipa as an artist who brought the 80s music back with a vengeance, that feel-good vibe lends itself to fun in the sun with an easy sipper. For anyone looking for a beverage best served poolside, Lipa has more than one flavor which will quench that thirst.

Considered one of the recording artists that brightened the gloomy days of COVID-19 lockdown by The Wall Street Journal, Lipa and her release "Future Nostalgia" struck a chord with fans. Who doesn't remember embracing the message "Don't Start Now" or wanting to put on the leotard and get moving to "Physical." As summer fun heats up, Truly's Chief Flavor Officer is ready to spin a new take on that summer cool vibe by cracking open a can. As Lipa told USA Today, the Truly summer variety pack just "feels like the perfect summer drink." For anyone who just wants to chill, there is summer refreshment waiting to be had.

Truly and Dua Lipa sip on a sense of nostalgia to summer fun

For many people summer, fun and a sensational sipper go hand in hand. For Dua Lipa, "nothing quite captures summer like a cocktail by the pool" (via YouTube). As Truly's Chief Flavor Officer, she had a hand in crafting the cocktail-inspired hard seltzers featured in the brand's Poolside Variety Pack. As reported by People, Lipa said, "I love exploring new ways to express my creativity." From the retro colors featured on the can to the flavors, it is clear that the bright summer vibe is waiting to be enjoyed.

While fun can taglines like "Dive Into Flavor" might get some people to take the plunge, it is the flavors that will have people thirsty for more. Options like strawberry melon fizz, orange peach fizz, piña colada style and kiwi mojito style have that 80s nod with a modern twist that ensures this refreshment is not your mom's drink. Similar to how Lipa hit the right notes with her "Future Nostalgia" album, the Truly summer variety pack seems to capture the sentiment of the summer. A blend of carefree fun that wants its moment in the sunshine, these hard seltzer flavors go from pool to picnic to never-ending summer nights. But, like that summer tan, the Truly Poolside Variety pack will fade into memory by the end of July.