Krispy Kreme's 85th Birthday Celebration Can Win You A Big Prize

Many adults may feel a sense of dread when their birthday rolls around each year. Clinical psychologist Lucia Montesi told Vice this is perfectly normal. However, it's also very possible that these anti-birthday-ers didn't always loathe the anniversary of their entrance into the world.

During our younger years, birthdays often brought with them a sense of excitement and anticipation similar to that of Christmas Eve — in part, because the annual celebration often meant there would be a big stack of presents waiting just for us. It was hard not to feel like a celebrity as we unwrapped them one by one while friends and family gathered to watch from the crowd. Similarly, when the tables were turned, it was also hard not to feel a tinge of jealousy whenever it was somebody else's turn to wear the birthday crown. And while most of us have probably already grown out of our tantrum-throwing phases, some may still feel a bit envious when they're not the birthday boy or girl, which is perhaps why Krispy Kreme has decided to do the giving on its birthday this year.

The North Carolina-based doughnut shop is celebrating the 85th anniversary of its debut establishment this week, which first opened its doors in Winston-Salem, NC on July 13, 1937 (via Krispy Kreme's website). Per Restaurant Business, the chain has several big plans to honor the event, including giving away a year's worth of confections coated in its famous Krispy Kreme glaze to 8,500 lucky fans.

Some customers will get to celebrate all year long

Krispy Kreme is ditching the birthday cake in favor of doughnuts — 1.2 million of them, to be exact (via Krispy Kreme's website). The chain will be giving away a year's worth of its Original Glazed doughnuts to 8,500 patrons in honor of its special day.

Doughnut lovers have two ways of entering this extra-sweet sweepstake, which runs from July 11 through July 14. The first is by making either an in-person or online purchase at the breakfast joint anytime between Monday and Thursday this week. Per the contest's terms and conditions, each location will generate at least one winner per day, with entrants being informed via their receipt if they're one of the lucky 8,500. Winners will receive a Krispy Kreme birthday punch card guaranteeing a free 12-count box of glazed doughnuts that can be redeemed every month through June 2023. Additionally, those vying for the grand prize can also visit one of Krispy Kreme's 367 U.S. locations and fill out a sweepstakes entry form.

After the giveaway period has ended, Krispy Kreme will conclude its birthday week with another sweet deal. On Friday, July 15, customers who purchase any 12-count box of doughnuts will be able to get another 12-count box of its Original Glazed for just 85 cents. Whether you're one of the grand prize winners or not, we'd still call that a delicious win.