Every Propel Water Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

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After you've been playing sports, going to the gym, or just finished a satisfying workout, you may feel parched and need something refreshing to cool yourself off. For many, this is an ice-cold bottle of water; though, for athletes and gym-goers who want a little more flavor, sweet flavored drinks like Gatorade and other sports drinks are common beverages to find in fridges and gym bags. You might not want a sports drink full of sugar and artificial colors, however, which is why many people turned to flavored waters, which offer an extra bit of flavor healthily.

A vitamin drink that the same producers make of Gatorade is Propel. The vitamin water brand was made in 2002 by the Gatorade company to cater to people who wanted a drink that wasn't artificially colored, lightly flavored, and filled with vitamins (via PepsiCo). With Propel, you can find many different flavors, each providing a light, wonderful twist in the word of liquid refreshments. So, whether you prefer your drink with ice or right from the bottle, you have many options for Propel flavors. So, here are all of Propel flavored electrolyte beverages, ranked from worst to best.

11. Lemon

Lemonade is a great drink to refresh yourself on a hot summer day. We often see cute little lemonade stands being run by kids selling cups of the tart drink for a dollar a cup. Lemon itself is a classic flavor to find in drinks, and not just lemonades. The next flavor of Propel water we have is its lemon flavor. This comes in both bottle and powdered form and offers a light lemon flavor to your typical water drink. Though it isn't as tangy or sweet as a regular glass of lemonade, it's still a decent flavor of electrolyte water to have after a long workout.

This flavored water has a nice tart flavor, and though you can taste the lemon, it's not the most spot-on but passable. It's got a lot more flavor than a regular bottle of water, so if you're looking for something that's a step up from what you can get from the faucet or fridge, then this Propel flavor will provide that, with a lightly sweet, lemony spin. Many reviewers who have purchased the product on the Walmart website claim that the drink tastes better when cold and tastes like a less flavorful lemonade. If we're being honest, this flavor does make us wish we were having a regular glass of lemonade, but if you're looking for a water alternative, this is all right.

10. Lemon Blackberry

Propel carries a couple of flavored electrolyte waters crafted to carry extra vitamins for immune support. Within these drinks, you'll get 100% of the daily vitamin C intake and a decent amount of zinc (via Propel Water). While an extra boost of these vitamins isn't anything to scoff at, you want to ensure that you're getting the best bang for your buck and that the flavor of the electrolyte water is good. Of course, none of the Propel waters taste bad, but there are certainly some flavors that are better than others, and the Lemon Blackberry flavored water is proof of this.

We could see why people would enjoy this flavor. Not only do you get an extra boost of electrolytes, but you get an extra note of taste, as well as Vitamin C and zinc. However, as it's a relatively newer flavor, it's a little more challenging to find in stores and is a little more expensive online. Furthermore, one reviewer has noted that the drink is a little more tart than what you'd expect, which doesn't make the drink unenjoyable, but the tartness does take away from the flavor a little bit (via Amazon). Overall, it's a solid drink, but compared to the other Propel flavors, you may find yourself either loving or hating this one.

9. Grape

Grape is an interesting flavor, and not just when it comes to candy. You love or hate it, either avoiding the grape-flavored gummies or candies in your snacks or immediately reaching for the richer flavored treats. When it comes to beverages, those who enjoy the sweet, rich flavor of grapes can enjoy it through wine, juice, or flavored drinks. You may have grown up frequently having the bold fruit juice when you were younger, either growing up to avoid it or continuing to indulge in the drink. Propel has grape-flavored water, as well, which comes in both powder and bottled water form.

Whether or not you like grape-flavored drinks, this water will be a hit or miss with you. If you don't like grape drinks, then you won't like this Propel flavor. If you like grapes, however, this beverage will be an instant hit and might even end up as your favorite (via Amazon). The powdered packs of this drink offer a strong grape flavor. Again, your opinion on grape-flavored drinks will determine where this flavor falls on your own Propel flavor ranking. Still, we're looking for the best taste of the electrolyte water overall, so we'll have to put this flavor a little lower on this list.

8. Raspberry Lemonade

Strawberry and lemon aren't the only lemonade-like flavors that Propel carries: The electrolyte water brand also has a raspberry lemonade, and by the name of the beverage, you'd expect to experience the combination of the sweet, juicy flavor of a raspberry, and the tart, tangy taste of lemon. Unfortunately, this Propel flavor only comes in the form of a powdered packet, and it's neither as sweet as a strawberry lemonade nor as tart as the regular lemon flavor. However, upon mixing it into a bottle of water, you'll find yourself with a flavorful, wonderfully refreshing flavored drink.

While it's not the most unique flavor out there, the Raspberry Lemonade Propel powder is refreshing, and many people claim it as their favorite flavor of all the Propels out there (via Walmart). Upon mixing it into your water, you'll be met with a beverage that tastes just like bottled propel, and is just as light, flavorful, and thirst-quenching. This is higher than the regular lemon Propel because you get an extra note of raspberry flavoring within this drink, but we can't put it towards the top because you can only find it in powdered form, so you don't have a choice between buying the packets or bottles of flavored water.

7. Orange Raspberry

There are several reasons that people are drawn to Gatorades and flavored water to drink when they're parched, and it isn't just for the taste. They're filled with electrolytes, which help keep cells in our bodies function, and let things run smoothly (via eMedicine Health). Some electrolyte drinks actually have more health benefits to them than just containing electrolytes. Propel drinks aren't as sweet as Gatorade and don't contain all of the sugar that the sports drink does. However, some of the flavors Propel sells offer further support for the body, including their Orange Raspberry flavored drink.

The Orange Raspberry Propel not only contains all the electrolytes any propel drink has, but it also contains extra Vitamin C and Zinc, to help support the health of one's immune system. This drink was light in flavor, like most flavored waters, but you could still pick up a nice fruit taste in each sip. One user review on Target noted that they can't really pick up the raspberry flavor, but said that overall the drink had a wonderful citrus note to it. This flavor gets more points for the immune system boost it has and the great orange taste you get from each bottle. Other than the fact we wish you could taste the raspberry a bit more, this is still a great Propel drink if you want to quench your thirst.

6. Peach

The next flavor on this list is the Propel Peach flavor. Now, before we begin to talk about the nature of this drink, let's talk about the nature of a peach. A good peach is very sweet yet also manages to have a nice, acidic, and mild flavor (via Growing Produce). A good peach is a wonderful thing and an excellent flavor for yogurts, ice creams, and iced teas. The nature of the fruit makes it a difficult fruit to base lightly flavored water on — but Propel does this surprisingly well.

Propel waters are naturally lightly flavored and don't have any sugar or flavor, so the lighter flavor of the fruit is pretty noticeable. It's admittedly a difficult flavor to find in stores, though fortunately, you can order it from online shopping websites. On Amazon, a good number of flavored vitamin water drinkers claim that the peach-flavored Propel drink is their favorite. One reviewer on the website writes that the drink tastes genuine peach and does a great job of masking the artificial sweetener that's added to each bottle. Unfortunately, you can't get this flavor in powdered forms. Like some of the other Propel drinks, this beverage is a great way to quench your thirst with a light peach flavor.

5. Strawberry Lemonade

What's better than an ice-cold glass of lemonade on a summer afternoon? How about a strawberry lemonade? You may be more used to seeing the bright yellow-colored lemonade in stores, but a more pink-colored lemonade is also commonly found in the juice aisle, often under the flavor of strawberry. It's a little sweeter than your typical tart lemonade, so it's a wonderful beverage if you have a bit more of a sweet tooth. There's a strawberry lemonade flavored electrolyte water that Propel offers, taking the sweet, tart flavor of strawberry lemonade and turning it into flavored water.

The flavor of this drink is wonderful. It's not as flavorful as an actual lemonade, and unless you're trying to watch your sugar and health, we'd rather have a strawberry lemonade. In terms of this water, however, you can pick up both the light flavors of both strawberry and lemonade, making for a nice, refreshing drink. Reviews of this flavor on Amazon note that the Strawberry Lemonade Propel mixes the fruit flavors wonderfully, making for an excellent electrolyte drink. It's not as rich in flavor as some of the other Propel beverages, but this is still a solid addition to the flavor lineup.

4. Kiwi Strawberry

Strawberry and Kiwi is a classic flavor pairing for fruit drinks. You may be most familiar with the fruit pairing through the Capri Sun flavor that frequently flies off store shelves. The flavor is a favorite among juice lovers, so more often than not, anything that takes on the flavor of the iconic fruit juice tastes just as impressive. Though it's not a fruit juice, Propel has electrolyte water that takes on the flavor of strawberry kiwi, as well. It's not called strawberry kiwi but is instead a "Kiwi Strawberry" flavored water. Even though they switch the fruits around, you'd expect a flavor similar to a typical strawberry kiwi drink.

The Kiwi Strawberry Propel flavor comes in both mixed and bottled water forms. Its taste is incredible. It's not as sweet as a Capri Sun, but it's filled with the fruity flavors of a classic strawberry kiwi drink. Even people who aren't fans of flavored water have to admit that this electrolyte drink is pretty great (via Amazon). It doesn't taste exactly like the unforgettable flavor of the strawberry kiwi Capri Sun, but for flavored water, the Kiwi Strawberry Propel is pretty amazing. Plus, it has less sugar than a Capri Sun and is filled with electrolytes. We'd ourselves have this kiwi beverage after a long workout or when we're feeling a bit thirsty.

3. Watermelon

There are many fantastic fruits out there to have on a hot summer day, especially when the Fourth of July rolls around. Sweet, light, and refreshing, you could either take this fruit on its own or pair it with whipped cream to have a dessert. Watermelon is also popular in candies, sodas, and other fruit-flavored drinks. Propel carries a watermelon flavor of their electrolyte water in both packet and bottled water form. Though there isn't any watermelon in this drink, you'll be able to pick up a similar great flavor and be just as refreshed as if you had a slice of the summer fruit.

This Propel beverage is one of the best. It's got a light, fruity flavor, and you can pick up the taste of watermelon with each sip. We could see ourselves drinking this after a workout or even to cool off on a hot summer day. One reviewer on the Walmart website even states that it's an excellent flavor to mix into smoothies and get an extra note of watermelon flavor and your fill of electrolytes. So if you want a light, healthy drink that reminds you of munching on watermelon during the summer, then this Propel flavor will do just that.

2. Black Cherry

Cherry is a rich, flavorful fruit, great for cobblers, as a topping, or as beverages. Black cherries have a bolder, more tart taste than typical cherries (via Emozzy). You'll commonly find the fruit used in flavored drinks, such as cherry limeade or a sweet Cherry Coke. Though you won't experience the same fizziness as you would when drinking a soda, these electrolyte drinks are much healthier, and you can experience a similarly flavored electrolyte water in the form of Propel's Black Cherry flavored water. You can buy this flavor in either packed powdered form or as bottles of flavored water.

Because cherries are naturally richer than other fruits, the flavor of this water is a little more prevalent than in other drinks, and you're met with rich, cherry-flavored water. Many people adore this Propel flavor, with one reviewer on Amazon writing that many cherry-flavored drinks taste a bit more like medicine, while the Black Cherry Propel is just right in terms of flavor, as it's not overly sweet and adds a wonderful fruitiness to plain water. This black cherry-flavored water might not be at the top of our list, but it's certainly a contender for one of the best Propel flavors out there.

1. Berry

At the top of this flavored water list, we have the classic Berry flavored Propel. You'll commonly see this flavor featured in Propel advertisements (via Twitter), a classic favorite among many. Sweet, flavorful, and bursting with juice, berry, in general, is a wonderful flavor in sweets and beverages. If you've ever had a Propel drink or seen them on store shelves, then there's a good chance it was their berry flavor. When it comes to this electrolyte water, you can get it in powdered form and a pack of bottles. When it comes to Propel flavors, this one is the berry best.

The Berry flavored electrolyte water is lightly sweet, fruity, and delicious. There are tons of positive reviews for this flavor of Propel, with many consumers of the beverage claiming that the berry water is their favorite. One reviewer claims that the Berry Propel flies off store shelves; it's that popular, while another buyer describes it as fruity and perfectly flavored, without being too weak or strong (via Amazon). So, if you need a fruit-flavored, fresh, and refreshing drink, this flavor will most definitely satisfy your taste buds and quench your thirst.