46% Of Americans Said This Is The Best Brand Of Garlic Bread

Americans have a history of creating, devouring, and popularizing less-than authentically genuine Italian dishes. And garlic bread stands alongside pepperoni pizza and shrimp scampi as some of the most famously adored Italian-American foods that people in the U.S. won't be able to find in Italy (per The Washington Post).

A savory treat consisting of thick bread slathered with garlic and butter, garlic bread may have only been inspired by traditional Italian cuisine, but its delicious recipe has become a meal-time staple in the States. As The Nibble notes, the dish takes its cues from classic Italian bruschetta.

But while adventurous chefs may enjoy making garlic bread from scratch, those who are looking for a quick side dish will often opt to prepare garlic bread they found in their grocery store's frozen section. And people who frequently dine on frozen garlic bread are likely to have a favorite brand they always pick up for dinner. However, in a survey conducted by Mashed of 526 U.S. respondents to discover the best pre-packaged garlic bread, one frozen garlic bread brand was given the title of tastiest.

Pepperidge Farm won by a landslide

A baked-goods-focused company, Pepperidge Farm started operating in 1937 (via Campbell Soup Company). The business has since become known for producing snacks like goldfish, golden butter crackers, and, as enthusiastic respondents were keen to point out, frozen garlic bread. With 46.96% of support behind it, Pepperidge Farm's garlic bread was deemed by Mashed voters as the best frozen garlic bread brand to savor.

In second place was New York Bakery, a business famous for its Texas Toast garlic bread. Although it was runner-up to the title of best frozen garlic bread brand, with 23.76% of the vote, New York Bakery fell behind Pepperidge Farm's frozen garlic bread by a significant margin. The third-place slot belonged to Signature Select with 14.64% of the vote and slipping into fourth was Market Pantry with 8.37%.

While Cole's boasts the honor of being the United States' first frozen garlic bread producer, with only 6.27% of voters behind it, the brand's frozen garlic bread was deemed to be the least worthy of serving up with spaghetti and meatballs, and other Italian fare. The respondents' lukewarm feelings about Cole's frozen garlic bread appears to show that voters feel being the first may not always mean being the best.