Why Drumstick Wants You To Get A Tattoo For National Ice Cream Day

Back in May, Devils Backbone Brewing Company made headlines when it announced a curiosity-piquing giveaway for IPA lovers on its website. The beverage company was offering up a whole year's worth of free brewskies for the first 100 volunteers to get inked with an IPA-themed piece of artwork. A quick look at the hashtag #bucktraditiontattoochallenge on Instagram would seem to indicate some folks don't mind going under the needle when free beer is at stake.

Sure, a year's worth of beer might sound like a pretty big win, but would you be willing to sign up for a skin-deep souvenir for a year's worth of sundae cones? If so, now might be your chance. As Food & Wine reports, Drumstick is celebrating National Ice Cream Day by offering its fans a chance to win a year's worth of their frozen treats. But, before you shave that area you plan on getting tatted with a sweet little Mini Drum, there are some other details you may want to know about the sweepstakes.

National Tattoo Day and National Ice Cream Day are both on July 17

It turns out tattoos and ice cream have something in common beyond their association with parlors. National Tattoo Day and National Ice Cream Day are both on July 17, according to Woman's Day, which is why Drumstick is incorporating tattoos into its giveaway. Luckily for some, the brand does seem to realize that the commitment to getting a Drumstick permanently inked on your body is a little more significant than, say, choosing to indulge in an ice cream treat after dinner. That's why Drumstick is providing an alternative method to enter their sweepstakes.

Over on Instagram, the brand's giveaway post may feature a photo of Dr. Umstick getting a Drumstick tattoo, but the official rules reveal that opting for something permanent isn't required to bring home the cones. According to the rules, fans can enter by getting "either a permanent or temporary tattoo of a Drumstick Sundae Cone," sharing a photo of the artwork with the tag #DrumstickInk, and following @drumstick on Instagram or Twitter by the end of the month. As Drumstick puts it, "The tattoo can be real, temporary, Mini Drum, Lil Drum, drawn on with a sharpie ... however you decide to express your love for Drumstick" (via Food & Wine). Per the rules, five winners will be randomly picked for their permanent or not-so-permanent efforts to receive 12 boxes of Drumsticks and 40 coupons for Drumsticks, or, in other words, winner, winner, Drumstick dinner.