How To Prevent Sliced Cake From Going Stale

Some might argue that there's nothing better for dessert than a fresh slice of decadent cake, after all, it's a staple for good reason. While synonymous with birthdays and other celebrations, we believe that cake is a pretty perfect treat anytime. Yes, it's a traditional dessert at many weddings, but it's also common to enjoy on any regular night at home. There's really no special reason necessary to indulge in this homemade treat and these cake recipes are perfect for any occasion.

In fact, the biggest issue with cake is getting to enjoy your culinary masterpiece long after the first slices have been cut. Cloches can only do so much, and the next day's slice, as many are aware, is inevitably not as buttery soft as before. With the exposure of the inside of the cake to air, the cake grows stale quickly and is never as good as that first bite. It's a true problem for any dessert-lover. Luckily, there's an easy hack to keep every slice of cake fresh, and you probably have the solution in your pantry.

Sliced bread works wonders for cake

All it takes to keep your cake fresh is a few slices of bread and some toothpicks. Created by Diane shared a hack for perfectly moist pieces of cake. After slicing into your dessert, place a slice of bread on the exposed sides of the cake and pin the bread in place with a couple of toothpicks. Adjust as needed for the shape and size of the cake, but the general principle is to cover any exposed part of the cake (not including frosted sides) with slices of bread. Remove the bread slices before going in for more cake, and pin back in until the cake is gone.

The theory behind this food hack is that the bread acts as a barrier and goes stale instead of the exposed cake (via Forkly). Sacrificing a couple of slices of bread for fresh cake seems like a pretty good deal.

Walls of sliced bread work best with frosted cakes, but that doesn't mean that it's the only way to store all cakes. Unfrosted, fruit-filled, or multiple layered — the best way to store cake depends on the type. However, it's worth noting that storing it in the fridge may ruin your cake.