The Real Reason Your Apple Pie Is Too Wet

There's probably no happier person than a baker smelling the scent of warm apple pie wafting from the oven.

This classic American pie, as delicious and heartwarming as it can be, requires a lot of hard work and patience every step of the way. The pie crust must be perfectly crafted so it can be soft but strong, and the filling should be concentrated in flavor and juicy because if it's soggy and runny, you are probably doing something wrong while baking your pie.

Soupy pies are a total letdown, but they also present an opportunity to learn in the kitchen. If this problem ever pops up while baking, check your pie recipe again to see if there's an ingredient that could improve it. Yes, using MSG in your apple pie can enhance the flavor, but the reason your apple pie is too wet might be because your apple mixture needs a pinch of something to hold the filling together.

You aren't using a thickener for your apple pie filling

As Eating Well suggests, whenever baking a fruit pie, we run the risk of making it too wet, which makes it difficult to slice it, or even eat it. A thickener is the easiest solution, and forgetting to use one is a common mistake while baking apple pies.

Martha Stewart recommends using cornstarch, flour, or tapioca as a pie filling thickener. All of these ingredients retain the water while the apples cook, avoiding extra wetness when it goes in the oven. Which one to use? As a start, the one that is readily available. If you are picky, consider that you'll need more flour than tapioca or cornstarch, and if exaggerating with flour, your pie might come out muddy. But, you must be cautious when using any of them. A celebrated thickener is an instant pudding, as Baking Kneads notes, which can also improve the overall flavor.

Want to go beyond the thickener? Choose your apples wisely (via King Arthur Baking Company). The Granny Smith is an extra-tart type of apple, which makes it perfect for pies because they are more consistent than others and will bring a stronger structure. If you are not ready to choose your apple, you can pre-cook the filling with any type with your spices and the thickener so this last one can hold all the juice needed. Hopefully, with these handy tips, you'll be satisfied with your perfectly baked apple pie.