Popeyes Just Added An Unexpected Ingredient To Its Classic Biscuits

When you think of Popeyes, you typically think of juicy, crispy, fried chicken. But that's not all the chicken chain has to offer. There are sides like mac and cheese and red beans and rice, and of course, there are those flaky, doughy biscuits that come with your meal — you might even order an extra one or two.

Biscuits are a staple in Southern states, so it should come as no surprise that the buttery baked good was introduced to the chain's New Orleans-influenced menu in 1983, per Popeyes' website. There's a reason why Popeyes biscuits are so delicious, and you'll find numerous copycat recipes aiming to replicate them at home. In addition to the crisp outside and soft inside of these biscuits, it's the chain's special combination of ingredients — including the classic addition of buttermilk — that makes them a must-have, per MyRecipes.

If the savory treats aren't enough for you, you can add in an apple or strawberry pie for dessert, but soon, there will be an extra sweet treat you can pick from. Something that made Twitter user reneeresources say, "GOOD golly MISS molly it was so good."

These new sweet treats will be at Popeyes soon, y'all

This new treat combines the goodness of Popeyes biscuits with strawberry and a drizzle of icing, and it's already making a stir in the locations where it has been released. Unfortunately, you won't find it on Popeye's website — yet!  

"I went to the Popeyes for the first time in years two days ago and saw these," u/Raceful recently commented on a Reddit post about the new item. "I Googled them while I was waiting and found no results. Felt like I was imagining things." Yet, others can confirm that the treat does indeed exist! Twitter user reneeresources said, "I got it from a Popeyes all the way in La Plata, Maryland," and added, "If I knew it was only there, I would have ordered 5 omg." According to Chew Boom, some people have reported spotting it in St. Louis, MO as well. 

While there does not appear to be a clear date when this strawberry-filled biscuit will be available at all Popeyes outlets, Fast Food Post reports that they are $1.59 each, two for $2.99, or four for $5.19, depending on your location.