The Surprising Food Andrew Zimmern Will Never Eat Again - Exclusive

Picky eaters know the feeling of disliking food all too well. Maybe you were feeling spicy on a night out and decided to try a new meal off the menu, but it just wasn't what your taste buds thought it would be. Do tomatoes ruin anyone else's dinner? 

You're not alone — your favorite chefs have tried a multitude of foods, some of which they may not enjoy, either. Andrew Zimmern, known for the "Bizarre Foods" franchise, has one particular food in mind that he doesn't like.

During an exclusive interview, Zimmern dug deep into his most recent television appearances, revealed the one kitchen tool he would use for the rest of his life, and named his current favorite recipes (giant salads sound pretty good right now). Given his experience in "Bizarre Foods," it seemed only fitting to ask: What food would Zimmern never eat again? The answer definitely surprised us — and you may not agree with his choice!

Zimmern thinks raw cookie dough is 'foul'

Picture this: You've had a long day, and you're craving something sweet. You reach to open the fridge, and inside you see the one snack you've been thinking about all day — cookie dough. Andrew Zimmern has the exact opposite fantasy, as raw cookie dough is a food he will never eat again. The television personality explained, "The taste of raw flour is awful. I don't understand. When you cook it, you take raw cookie dough and it makes a cookie, which is delicious."

For someone who has eaten horse-rib-and-rectum sausage, Zimmern's answer is definitely unexpected (via He continued, "If I have a raw cookie dough ball and a cookie, I go for the cookie every time. It doesn't taste as good uncooked. Why would I eat something that has raw flour in it?" 

The logic makes total sense, but Zimmern just started a cookie dough versus actual cookie debate. The famous chef recently guest-judged "Silos Baking Competition" on Magnolia Network, so maybe his baking and cooking knowledge makes a good point.

Tune into Food Network or Magnolia Network for shows like Silos Baking Competition, and head to Andrew Zimmern's website for his newest recipes.