The Tuesday Deal Starbucks Lovers Need To Know About

Starbucks has become more than just a chain that produces unique drinks. In fact, to some people, Starbucks is considered an American brand icon. The coffee giant with a unique name has customers buying over 4 million Frappuccinos, refreshers, and countless other drinks on its menu per day (via USA Today).

And Starbucks' cultural significance involves more than just being a leading seller for people hoping to score a caramel latte on their work break. There are countless Starbucks fans who collect the often bedazzled cups the brand sells so that they can drink from a tumbler with the iconic logo at home. However, there is one thing about Starbucks that may be even more notorious than the image of a green mermaid or its reputation for tasty coffee — and that's how expensive a drink from the company is. But for a limited time, Tuesdays will be the perfect day to hit up the chain for those who want to satisfy their Starbucks craving on a budget.

Starbucks' TuesYay deal is almost too good to be true

Starbucks is making sure that coffee lovers are saying "TuesYay" all July long. According to Thrillist, the chain has announced that it will give one half-off drink to qualifying customers every Tuesday in July. The deal, known as "half-off TuesYays," only applies to members of the Starbucks Rewards Program. However, anyone can easily join for free by signing up with an email address on Starbucks' website to reap the benefits of this promotion.

Half-price Tuesdays only applies exclusively to Starbucks' cold drink collection. So those who adore sipping on hot lattes regardless of the weather are, sadly, out of luck. Also, according to Taste of Home, customers will need to physically go to a Starbucks location to take advantage of the TuesYay deal as it doesn't apply to deliveries. 

This news comes at a great time as the company has been on the receiving end of some negative press lately, although Starbucks is trying to reinvent itself amid unionization efforts. And if you're looking for even more ways to enjoy Starbucks for cheap, becoming a Starbucks rewards member won't only keep you refreshed for half the price during July. The coffee company also offers those in its rewards program the choice of one completely free-of-charge drink or snack for their birthday. So on your special day, you'll once again be able to enjoy a Starbucks treat without a price tag.