Why Aldi Is Recalling A Fan-Favorite Chocolate Dessert

When brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht took over the family store in Germany in 1946, they had little idea that it would one day become an international hit. Aldi is now the most popular grocery store in Germany and its popularity continues to spread all over the world. 

While the store took a little while to take off in America, it's become known for its high-value, no-fuss approach to groceries. While many of Aldi's products are its own brand, it supports local producers in the area where the stores are located and will buy from local farmers thereby supporting the local community (per The Grocery Store Guy).

One thing Aldi's does really well is cost-effective candy. Not only do they sell their own brand of chocolate Moser-Roth — which Food & Wine reports has had chocolate connoisseurs amazed during taste testing – but this one big brand of chocolate was recently recalled from all Aldi stores Australia-wide.

The recall applies to all Australia Aldi stores

Reese's is a brand of candy every American is familiar with and the ingredients it's best known for include chocolate and peanut butter. So it may seem strange that Aldi issued an urgent recall across Australia because the packaging for Reese's Dipped Pretzels doesn't contain the warning "contains peanuts."

Despite the fact that the front of the package clearly says "Bite-sized pretzels dipped in peanut butter candy" it's a legal requirement in Australia that any product that contains peanuts — including peanuts themselves — display the warning "contains peanuts."  3% of infants in Australia and 3 million Americans (per NIH) have a peanut allergy which can sometimes be fatal, even with trace amounts (per ASCIA). The good news for some of those who have a childhood peanut allergy is that 20% of them will grow out of it by adulthood (per Queensland Health).

The Reese's Dipped Pretzels in question are those that have a best-before date of February 2023.