Reddit Just Revealed That A Fave Trader Joe's Snack Is Being Discontinued

Have you ever thought back over your childhood, reminiscing on a snack you used to eat while you watched TV after school, and suddenly realized you haven't seen the snack in question in quite some time? So you grab your phone, Google the item you're thinking about, and learn it's been discontinued for like, 10 years? It's definitely disheartening when foods you enjoy are taken off the market, but in actuality, it happens all the time.

Per Yahoo, some of the most iconic foods that have been removed from production are Jell-O pudding pops, Trix Swirls yogurt, and Dunkaroos. Another example was Haribo sugar-free gummy bears, which were discontinued due to a diarrhea-causing sugar alternative (per Atlas Obscura). The most common reasons foods are discontinued are poor sales, health concerns, and lack of ingredients, according to Eat This, Not That! Earlier this week, one Redditor broke the news that a certain sweet and salty snack will be leaving Trader Joe's soon.

A sweet, salty goodbye

On Saturday, July 9, one Reddit user made a post confirming that a favorite Trader Joe's snack will be discontinued in the near future. "The Dark Russet Potato Chips are being discontinued at some point soon," the poster, who claims to be an employee of Trader Joe's, wrote. "Usually, a TBD means there's a production issue somewhere early in the chain, that will soon catch up to the current supply. If you liked the chips, enjoy them while it lasts." The OP posted a screenshot for proof that the chips are listed as "to be discontinued."

Several commenters expressed their opinions in response to the news. "This is the worst day of my life," one Redditor remarked. Another reader hopes they can get their hands on one more bag, "I went to my store and they didn't have any. I really hope they're just out, but I don't have high hopes since they don't often sell out at my store. I just want one bag to say goodbye." Unfortunately, it looks like fans of the snack may need to find a suitable replacement in the coming weeks.