Twitter Had A Hilarious Response To Guy Fieri's Recent Award

Regardless of how you feel about Guy Fieri, there's no denying that he's a pretty successful guy (pun intended). Since he first got his start running a pretzel cart at the age of 10, Fieri has put decades of work into what Food Network describes as a "thriving culinary empire on land and sea."

According to Fieri's website, this "empire" encompasses several Food Network shows, a New York Times Best Selling cookbook, and a vast portfolio of restaurants. His eateries include Guy's Burger Joint, Chicken Guy, and Downtown Flavortown, adding up to a grand total of locations somewhere in the hundreds (via Wide Open Eats). But that's not all. Fieri has also earned numerous accolades, from Emmy awards to recognition for being a food industry hero during the pandemic, as well as one of the only chefs to make it on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And to top off this list of achievements, Fieri now holds the key to the city of Las Vegas. 

Fieri is coming over to cook dinner tomorrow night, OK?

On July 11, the Guy Fieri Foundation partnered with Caesars Entertainment to host a luncheon for more than 1,000 first responders and veterans. According to, Fieri said, "Let's not just make it one day. Let's make it every day that we recognize our first responders and our vets." Following the lunch, Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft honored Fieri with a ceremonial key to the city of Las Vegas. Naturally, the news made its way to Twitter, where Las Vegas Locally joked, "Guy Fieri has been given the key to the city. You legally have to let him in your house now."

Although several people weren't on board, countless Fieri fans were quick to comment in jest. One person wrote, "I'll let him in if he'll cook a meal for us," while another chimed in, "Okay, but only if he's bringing the groceries and making dinner." Others were astounded by the size of the key, commenting, "He's gonna need a bigger key ring," and "That door must be enormous." Sure, the key may be huge, but it needs to match Fieri's big personality. He is, after all, the Mayor of Flavortown, a nickname that had Twitter cracking up earlier this year.