Why Ivana Trump Hated Her Pizza Hut Commercial

It's safe to say that the mid-1990s were a prime time in popular culture history, partially fueled by celebrity couples. Many household names even made their way onto the small screen by way of advertisements for major brands. For example, nearly 30 years ago, in 1995, real estate mogul and future President Donald Trump and his ex-wife, Czech-American businesswoman Ivana Trump, were going through a highly publicized divorce. However, despite their annulment, they co-starred in a commercial for Pizza Hut's Stuffed Crust Pizza — and let's just say it was extra cheesy.

The 30-second TV spot, which seems to mock (or perhaps pay homage to) the mega-popular, kitschy soap operas of the era, opens with Ivana and Donald getting ready for an undisclosed formal event. With Donnie donning a tuxedo and Ivana wearing a gown and a diamond necklace, the two question whether or not they should be doing a certain activity. "It's wrong, isn't it?" Donald asks, to which Ivana responds, "But it feels so right!" The Trumps were apparently talking about eating their pizza "the wrong way," crust first. When Ivana reaches toward the box and asks, "May I have the last slice?" Donald quickly grabs her arm and responds, "Actually, you're only entitled to half."

Ivana Trump objected the commercial's last line

Despite the 1995 Pizza Hut ad's attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor, the double entendre, which refers to Ivana Trump's entitlement of only half the pizza as well as only half the couple's wealth, would be questionable in any decade. And, as it turns out, Ivana was not a fan of the script.

According to Business Insider, Donald Trump was insistent that the final scene make the cut, even though his ex-wife was vehemently opposed. The Pizza Hut spot's writers, Janet Lyons and Michael Campbell, told Business Insider that, upon hearing the revised lines, Ivana's response was, "Absolutely not! Oh that is vulgar!" Her ex-husband reportedly said, "What do you mean? It's really funny. We're doing it." Ivana Trump died at the age of 73 on July 14, 2022 in her Manhattan home, The New York Times reported. Donald Trump posted a tribute to his first wife of 15 years on Truth Social, saying, "She was a wonderful, beautiful, and amazing woman who led a great and inspirational life."