The Trader Joe's Item Reddit Will Never Try Again

Few things are as comforting as digging into a huge bowl of pasta covered in sauce and cheese. In fact, a 2020 survey conducted by the Grain Foods Foundation found that over one-third of Americans turn to the dish during stressful times (via Food Ingredients 1st). As The House and Home Magazine writes, the classic staple has stayed consistent without big changes, At the same time, however, there is also a level of customization that can be applied to nearly every aspect of the meal.

Italy Magazine reports that there are more than 350 types of noodles to choose from, and when it comes to sauces, there's a wide assortment out there just waiting to be ladled over your pasta of choice. There are at least a dozen jarred pasta sauces at Trader Joe's ranging from the classic marinara or alfredo to Spicy Chunky Tomato & Pepper. The chain even sells a jarred Cacio E Pepe sauce that makes whipping up the classic Italian dish a breeze (via Instagram).

Shoppers have been raving about the grocer's pasta sauces online for years. However, it seems that not even the fan-favorite grocer chain can always hit the nail on the head. One Redditor wrote, "The Cajun Style Alfredo Sauce is the worst TJ [item] I've ever tried. Anyone else feel the same way?" Judging by the comments, it seems many TJ's shoppers agree.

One shopper called TJ's Cajun Style Alfredo Sauce a 'crime against food'

It's not often that Trader Joe's misses the mark with its product offerings, though for many shoppers, its Cajun style Alfredo Sauce was a swing and a miss. Described by Trader Joe's as a "savory, peppery pasta sauce," the product wasn't exactly an instant hit with Instagrammers when it first hit shelves, and doesn't appear to have won over many shoppers in the time since, either.

The Cajun food-inspired pasta topper was deemed the "worst" in a Reddit post. Reasons for the poor review in a separate comment further down on the thread. "Just bitter and nasty, doesn't taste like Cajun seasonings or creamy alfredo," the original poster explained. The sauce was a thumbs-down for many other shoppers as well, including one person who wrote they were "repulsed" by the smell when they opened the jar. "It was by far the most disgusting TJ's item I have ever had," they said, while another Redditor declared it a "crime against food."

Many Redditors claimed they ended up throwing the jar away, with some promising to never try the sauce again. However, for those that might want to give it another shot, one shopper may have found a suitable use. What's Good At Trader Joe's recommended using it with roasted vegetables or mixing in a protein like chicken or sausage.