Every Patrón Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

There's something about sipping on an ice-cold margarita in the summertime that brings out the joy in most people. This is also where tequila comes in: It's the primary liquor for margaritas, Palomas, and tequila sours. And, if you happen to be a tequila purist, then you probably love tequila shots, which showcase the quality of tequila. 

According to VinePair, Patrón is the world's third best-selling tequila brand, and it has really helped put premium tequila on the radar of the masses. Today, Patrón is owned by the rum brand Bacardi, but it started out as a humble company founded by John Paul DeJoria, who also happens to be the brains behind the line of Paul Mitchell Hair Products (via Fundable). 

Patrón's range of tequilas consists of more than 30 bottles, so you have quite a few options if you're looking for your next tequila find. However, not all flavors are created equal. Some Patrón flavors are real gems, while others should be skipped. Before delving into the wondrous world of Patrón, it's best to figure out how each bottle squares up in terms of taste and quality. 

21. Patrón Añejo

If you see the word "añejo" on a bottle of tequila, that means that it has been aged between one and three years (via Wine Enthusiast). Patrón's Añejo has been aged for more than twelve months, and it has a warm amber color. According to the Patrón website, this tequila should have some notes of caramel and smoke, along with hints of raisin and vanilla and an overall oaky taste. 

Unfortunately, however, this tequila is quite a disappointment. It's good enough, but it doesn't seem to uphold the Patron brand's quality. Several reviewers on Tequila Matchmaker felt this bottle didn't pack enough punch, especially considering its price tag of around $60. 

It's disappointing because if this spirit just had a little bit of intensity, it could be the tequila of your dreams. But if you're someone who prefers a more subtle aroma, then maybe this is exactly the tequila you've been looking for.

20. Patrón Reposado

"Reposado" refers to tequilas that have been aged for more than 60 days. Patrón's Reposado tequila has been aged for at least two months and promises to deliver notes of oak along with a smooth taste. This tequila may also have hints of vanilla, fruit, citrus, and honey. This tequila has a light amber tint.

As The Tequila Shop explains, each bottle of Patrón is handmade and individually numbered, and the Reposado is no exception. This feels like a higher-end tequila, from the packaging to the cork closure. But, that's not enough to save Patrón Reposado from committing the number one tequila cardinal sin. It's just not packing enough aromas, flavor, or texture. 

The texture is surprisingly light, which wouldn't be so bad if everything else was up to standard: But it's not! Because Patrón is synonymous with quality, this tequila definitely won't be the worst you've ever had. But it's just not amazing on its own. Pour this bad boy into a margarita to get the full depth of flavor that Patrón tequila promises.

19. Gran Patrón Platinum

The Gran Patrón Platinum is a silver tequila, which meant that it hasn't undergone an aging process, although it is allowed to rest in oak containers after distillation, according to the Patrón website. Since this tequila has a price tag of more than $99 for a 750-milliliter bottle, you might expect quite a bit of quality in terms of flavor, aromas, and texture.

The packaging certainly has a luxurious platinum feel, with a silver ball-topped cork enclosure sitting atop the classic bottle. It comes in a lovely black box that tops the entire experience. But sadly, this bottle is another example of how the quality doesn't match the price.  

We'll start with the positive: This tequila is clean and smooth. Once it hits your palate, there's no mistaking this for a $20 bottle of tequila, but that's where the positives end. This tequila is a big letdown. Is it delicious? Indeed, it is. But is it remarkable enough that it justifies the price tag? Not to us, it's not. 

The Tequila Tourist even goes as far as to say that while this tequila makes for a nice drinking experience, it simply isn't quite as memorable as Patrón may lead you to believe. 

18. Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años

Since Patrón has so many tequilas in its portfolio, it's important that each one is distinct enough and powerful enough to stand on its own while upholding the Patrón brand name. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años doesn't quite deliver the quality that you expect. It has a beautiful deep golden coloring and aromas of black pepper and vanilla (via Drink Spirits).

In terms of the palate, it has some of the aforementioned qualities, along with some notes of dried fruit. It is aged in French oak barrels for seven years, and somehow, it's still not quite powerful enough. 

We can appreciate the desire to craft a more delicate tequila, but at this price tag, it's fair to expect a powerful and great-tasting tequila, and this spirit simply doesn't deliver. It's available for around $260, and at that price point, it's competing against some of the finer tequilas on the market. So, maybe skip this and try a different high-end tequila instead: You might get a tequila that actually wows you.

17. Guillermo Del Toro x Patrón

Master filmmaker Guillermo del Toro tried his hand at tequila-making with the Guillermo del Toro x Patrón tequila. Is it as successful as his blockbuster movies? This is a custom liqueur housed in a similarly shaped bottle as the Añejo Tequila (which has been aged for more than five years). 

The liqueur is sweet and has notes of dried oranges, honey, and vanilla, and is meant to be enjoyed mixed in with tequila. The liqueur is actually made from tequila, and Drink Hacker suggests that you can successfully mix the two into a tasty margarita

The packaging also adds to the appeal, with intricate skeletal-themed glassware complete with a themed box that is guaranteed to give you a thrilling unpacking experience. This tequila has an orange flavor, which further adds to the liqueur profile. Overall, it's a good spirit, but maybe not a great tequila. You be the judge. But you'll have to shell out close to $440 to taste this one.

16. Patrón en Lalilque: Serie 1

When Patrón and renowned jewelry and homeware brand Lalique partnered together to make a tequila, it was only right that the collaboration created a spirit that serves a lot of style. The Patrón en Lalique: Serie 1 tequila is housed in a leather display case, and the bottle has an amber-colored crystal bottle stopper that matches the tequila's hue. Only 500 units of this tequila were produced, so it was never meant to fly off the shelves. So how does the flavor match up to the grandiose expectations?

Considering that this bottle will cost you close to $7,500, it needs to deliver a dynamic drinking experience. According to the Patrón website, this blend is made from the "oldest and rarest Patrón tequilas." It does have  favorable reviews on Tequila Matchmaker, with some users remarking on its long, silky finish, luscious stonefruit notes, and lovely hints of oak. But all this is not enough to justify the hefty price tag. While this is a delicious tequila, it's likely a bottle that's meant for keeping and impressing your friends rather than cracking open to savor.

15. Patrón Silver

Patrón Silver is the brand's entry-level tequila, and it's the one most consumers are likely familiar with. At around $50, it's a lot more reasonably priced than some of the brand's other offerings. And it's a great way to try a premium tequila if your bank account doesn't allow you to spend hundreds on one bottle. This unaged tequila is crystal clear, and it has earthy and herbal aromas. Unlike the rich, deep baking spices of the aged tequilas, Patrón Silver is a fresher and lighter take on tequila.

Liquor.com has a positive take on this tequila and even refers to it as "excellent." This certainly is a delicious tequila. It has a smooth texture and lovely, light aromas. It can serve as your workhorse tequila that is ideal for both cocktails and as a neat sipper. You might consider using this tequila to mix up a bunch of margaritas for friends for a weekend BBQ. However, ultimately, while this tequila is delicious, it's certainly not remarkable

14. Patrón Estate Release

Patrón Estate Release is yet another limited edition offering from the mega tequila brand. Only agave grown on the Hacienda Patrón estate is used in the making of this spirit. This is a silver (also called Blanco) tequila, which means that hasn't been aged (via Wine Enthusiast). A Blanco isn't normally the type of tequila that bears a price tag of $100, but that's about how much Patrón's Estate Release costs. So is it worth the money?

Well, it certainly has some appeal. According to VinePair, this tequila has lovely floral notes and a wonderful balance of aromas and flavors. All these layered aromas give the tequila a nice complexity. However, this spirit does lack a bit of concentration and power. You certainly won't be sorry you made this purchase, but at this  price point, you may want to venture to other bottles to see if you can get a bit more value for your money. 

13. Patrón Añejo Lot 221

The Patrón brand does a great job with branding, but it sometimes misses the mark in terms of information and transparency. Although some information is listed on the website, it can be tough to obtain additional details about certain batches of tequila. For example, the Patrón Añejo Lot 221 is supposed to be blended from tequilas that are aged in three different kinds of oak ( Hungarian, American, and French) for more than a year. But it isn't clear how this tequila is different from the others. 

One Redditor did have good things to say about it, despite the lack of information. They picked up cooked agave notes, along with some citrus and gentle hints of baking spices. It all sounds pretty run-of-the-mill for an aged tequila; however, considering Patrón's tequila-making expertise, it's a safe bet that this one falls firmly into the "decent" category.

12. Patrón Sherry Cask Aged Añejo

Patrón's Sherry Cask Aged Añejo tequila is yet another attempt by Patrón to demonstrate that the brand carries a diverse range of tequilas. This is a bright golden tequila that is aged for more than two years in casks that were once used for Oloroso Sherry. It's a special edition tequila, and it is a special drink indeed. Drink Hacker describes this tequila as having distinct notes of sherry, which, we suppose, is the entire point of using old sherry casks. 

This tequila has some nutty qualities and unmissable oxidized sherry notes. So it's certainly not your quintessential tequila but for someone looking for a more distinct tequila-drinking experience, this might just be the perfect spirit. It's quite good. It's not great by any means, because it strays so far from tequila, but you definitely won't be disappointed if someone serves you a glass of this spirit. 

11. Patrón XO Cafe

You may either love or hate Patrón, but there's a good chance you love the brand's XO Cafe variety. This is a coffee liqueur that is still made from tequila, like some of the brand's other liqueur offerings. This tequila is mixed with Arabica coffee essence, which gives you a nice jolt of coffee aroma and taste. BBC Good Food picks up notes of coffee, along with chocolate and black pepper. 

The best aspect of this liqueur is that it is not sweet, and that's a good thing. Remember all those times you've added a coffee liqueur to your drink only to be shocked at the sweetness level? Well, XO Cafe Patrón gets extra points for going against the grain as a dry liqueur. It may very well become your go-to liqueur for an espresso martini or cafe royal because it only has the best components: Pure, rich coffee flavor with none of the excess sugar.

10. Patrón Extra Añejo 10 Años

Patrón Extra Añejo 10 Años is sold in a snazzy bottle that is made of hand-blown glass and emblazoned with a blue and gold label. As the name would have you believe, this stunning amber-colored tequila has been aged for a decade and has subsequently nabbed the title of Patrón's oldest tequila. It is aged in hybrid barrels that are made from American and French Limousin oak.

This is clearly a tequila that has been made for either tequila connaisseurs or those who are willing to spend around $380 for a bottle. It's made from Weber Blue Agave and is distilled with the utmost care. And, unlike some other varieties of Patrón, this bottle delivers both style and substance. It has plenty of oaky notes, along with some hints of fruit. The alcohol isn't overpowering, and the tequila's texture is satisfyingly smooth. 

The only downfall with this tequila is that one Tequila Matchmaker reviewer picked up on too many notes of oak, which could certainly overpower some of the other more desirable qualities of the spirit.

9. Patrón Extra Añejo

Let's get the basics out of the way: Patrón Extra Añejo is aged for three years in a mix of Hungarian, French, and American oak barrels, and these barrels are exactly how Patrón Extra Añejo gets its rich amber color. According to Marcas de Tequila, this is one of the best Patrón tequilas you can buy in terms of quality and value. It contains aromas of honey, tobacco, and banana on the nose, and you may pick up on tasting notes of honey, vanilla, and bittersweet chocolate.

This tequila delivers on all fronts. Patrón Extra Añejo is great in terms of taste, texture, and aroma. It's darn delicious, and it has a nice long-lasting finish that means you get to enjoy it a wee bit longer. There's no need to throw this spirit into a margarita or other mixed drink, as it's perfectly delicious on its own, and it deserves to be savored.

8. Roca Patrón Silver

Roca Patrón Silver is a silver tequila that is unaged and crystal clear. It has juicy citrus aromas, as well as some notes of black pepper. The Roca line of tequilas is distinct from other bottles as it leverages a crushing technique that has been used for centuries. This process entails crushing the agave underneath a massive stone wheel, which is also known as tahona. The agave used is also matured for at least six years before harvest, so it produces a tequila with deeper flavors.

This may sound like a lot of work for a bottle of tequila, but boy, do the results pay off. The Rum Howler Blog gave it a favorable rating for a few key reasons. This tequila is quite gentle when sipped on its own, although it does have a mild level of heat. There are some lovely notes of white pepper, and mint, along with a lime zest finish that lingers on long after the tequila is gone. At around $60 per bottle, it's slightly higher in terms of price than the brand's flagship silver tequila, although it's a huge increase in terms of quality. 

7. Gran Patrón Piedra

Gran Patrón Piedra costs approximately $380 per bottle, and it certainly isn't for your casual tequila shots. This tequila is aged for three years. It has a light mahogany hue and is sold in a beautiful sleek crystal bottle. It offers aromas of mushroom and oak, and you may also taste hints of vanilla and caramel.

According to Wine Enthusiast, this wine has a silky texture, which accurately describes how fruity and balanced it truly is. The large stone that is used to grind the agave and extract the juice is called a "piedra." 

This is a tequila that clearly sets itself apart from others due to its smooth finesse, sleek packaging, and all-around deliciousness. It is totally worth the splurge, and if you can't justify spending almost $400 for a spirit, then at least try to talk some friends into splitting it with you.

6. Roca Patrón Añejo

This may appear to be the perfect tequila for someone who prefers their aged tequilas heavy and rich. However, as apparent from the coloring, which is more golden than amber, this tequila has a lighter profile. 

The Roca Patrón Añejo has undergone 14 months of aging. It may have hints of vanilla, baking spices, citrus, and even some ginger and black pepper, followed by a silky smooth finish. Taste Tequila also picks up on butter notes and bright agave. It is aged in bourbon barrels. 

This is a tequila that is worth the $45 price tag. It is fantastic value for the price, and while it isn't one of the most exciting or complex tequilas Patrón offers, it is one of the brand's more down-to-earth offerings. It's can be sipped neat, but you can also make a tequila sunrise or a tequila sour to get more mileage out of it.

5. Roca Patrón Reposado

As another of Patrón's line of Roca tequilas, this Roca Patrón Reposado is made with a tahona, which is a massive wheel carved from volanic rock. According to Wine Enthusiast, reposado tequilas are aged for two months to one year in wooden barrels. In terms of the reposado component, this tequila is only aged for five months. However, those five months seem to have conjured up a lot of interesting qualities, making this a truly delicious tequila. 

According to Drink Hacker, on the nose, on the nose, this tequila is "quiet," so it won't be super powerful or fragrant, although if you sniff hard enough, you might get a whiff of some lemon. You may also pick up on hints of ginger and caramel. However, the citrus flavor is unmistakable, and it helps to keep the heavier caramel notes in check.

This is a wonderfully balanced and pleasant spirit that makes you wonder why all tequila-drinking experiences can't be this enjoyable. It will work wonderfully in a margarita but can also be easily served neat in a glass for pleasant sipping.

4. Gran Patrón Smoky

Mezcal lovers will certainly notice a few similarities between the Gran Patrón Smoky and their favorite mezcal. To make this tequila, the piñas, or the hearts of the agave plant, are roasted for seven days in underground stone pits with some mesquite. This ensures that the piña is imparted with a deep and rich smoky flavor that is a lush component of the finished product. 

According to Difford's Guide, this tequila has some quintessential smoky notes of bacon as well as some sweeter aromas of butterscotch and pastry. This is definitely one of Patrón's better offerings. It sings in the glass, inviting you to take yet another sip. It's complex yet approachable, not to mention just plain delicious. It's a silver tequila, so it is not aged, which allows the smoke to be the main star of the show. This bottle retails for around $220, making it the perfect tequila to bring out for special occasions.

3. Patrón Extra Añejo 5 Años

Patrón certainly knows a thing or two about creating an air of exclusivity and luxury around its products. Take, for example, the brand's Limited Edition Extra Añejo 5 Años. This tequila is aged for five years in new and used hybrid barrels till it acquires a beautiful deep amber color. While some Patrón tequilas are okay or average, this bottle is simply excellent.

It offers a balanced and delicious sip through and through. It's an absolute joy to drink from the moment you take a sniff to the final taste that lingers on your palate. One Tequila Matchmaker reviewer even describes it as having the best finish of any tequilas he's ever tasted. If you're into deep and rich aromas of tobacco, leather, and stone fruit, as well as a bold agave flavor that isn't overpowered by any of the aforementioned qualities, then you'll probably love this tequila.

2. Gran Patrón Burdeos

If you're a fan of dessert wines, then there's a strong chance you'll love the Gran Patrón Burdeos. This añejo tequila has been aged in both French and American oak barrels. The aging process is finished in wine barrels from Bordeaux. The barrels don't give the tequila notes of wine; rather, they help the tequila acquire a deep amber hue along with warm notes of baking spices like vanilla and cinnamon, as well as raisins.

This tequila comes in a striking bottle: The stopper is adorned with a bee design. Toast Fried remarks that the tequila has a thicker texture with a lovely finish that contains spice, fruit, and oak notes. 

However, at around $500, this bottle is not cheap. Rest assured, though, that it's worth that price: You'll enjoy the heck out of this beautiful spirit. It's luscious and layered, providing much joy at every step of the process. From sniff, to sip, to swallow, this is a tequila that more than justifies every dollar of its hefty price tag.

1. Patrón en Lalique: Serie 2

Patrón en Lalique: Serie 2 is the brand's second collaboration with jewelry, homeware, and perfume brand Lalique. This tequila has been aged for eight years in several different types of oak barrels: French, American, and Sherry.

But in order to get a feel for the taste of this $8,500 bottle of tequila, you'll need to refer to the people who have tried this spirit. Thankfully, a few kind souls on Tequila Matchmaker have chimed in with their input, and unsurprisingly, the responses have been overwhelmingly positive. 

This tequila is often described as smooth, rare, luxe, complex, and buttery. It may even have some notes of baking spices, which are derived from the barrels. Some tasters have also picked up on notes of caramel and banana. While this tequila is likely quite pricey for some, it's definitely Patrón's best offering in terms of deliciousness.