Gordon Ramsay's Lolly-Eating Son Made It Rain Hearts On Instagram

There are certain things that signify summer's presence when you're a kid like countless hours outside, dirty feet, large bodies of water to swim in, and popsicles to combat that much-welcomed heat. Eating fruity colorful popsicles in the summer sun is a rite of passage for most kids and it's no different for Gordon Ramsay's youngest son, Oscar.

If you're familiar with Ramsay's hit show, "Hell's Kitchen," you may have made some assumptions about his personality from watching his harsh, unforgiving demeanor on screen. Yet, show contestants claim Gordon Ramsay shows a different side of himself off camera. Not only does he give constructive feedback to "Hell's Kitchen" trial chefs, but he's a real family man, too.

Last week, Ramsay posted a picture on Instagram of his youngest son, Oscar, enjoying a Twister lolly after he tagged one of his older daughters in the photo, Holly Ramsay. Pictures of Oscar enjoying the icy treat were also posted on the three-year-old's Instagram page which is managed by sisters, Holly and Tilly. The response from Instagrammers shows just how much people adore Gordon Ramsay's appreciation for his family.

Oscar enjoys a Twister and Instagram can't get enough

When the pictures of Oscar were posted on Instagram last week, users reacted with enough likes and heart emojis to cause a blip in the popular platform. While many simply commented with countless red hearts, one remarked with "such a cutie pie" while another user (in referencing the picture of Oscar and Holly together) stated, "Such a handsome little lad! Chef, they are both beautiful!"

Over the years, Gordon Ramsay has spoken out about the tragic details of his life, as well as his dedication to his family, claiming he wants to be a better father for his kids than the one he had growing up (via delish). With wife Tana by his side, having five kids born between 1996 and 2019, the acclaimed chef certainly has enough going on to keep him on his toes, but he's never short in showing his appreciation for his children. In his social media posts, Ramsay often shows off his adoration for his family and the posts stand in high regard by social media users, and seeing his three-year-old down a frozen UK favorite is no exception.