Krispy Kreme Just Brought The Ice Cream Truck To Its Menu

A warm batch of donuts might just be the quintessential weekend breakfast, and out of the many brands that contribute to producing more than 10 billion batches of donuts in the U.S. each year per South Florida Reporter, Krispy Kreme can be considered one of America's most beloved donut bakers. However, aside from making all of its donuts fresh in-store (per Eat This, Not That!), Krispy Kreme has also earned donut lovers' undying loyalty with its many delicious and sometimes out-of-the-box flavors.

The donut brand doesn't only offer unique tastes like New York Cheese Cake and Cake Batter on its permanent menu, it also collaborates with other companies to create mouth-watering limited edition specialty donuts. Earlier this year Krispy Kreme made candy fans' dreams come true by working with Twix to create a line of chocolate-slathered, Twix-inspired donuts (via People). While that sweets-inspired collaboration was short-lived, only lasting from February to March, Krispy Kreme has once again teamed up with two other familiar brands to build an exclusive donut lineup that is sure to make ice cream lovers scream for joy.

Fulfill your ice cream and donut cravings all at once at Krispy Kreme

You don't have to chase down the ice cream truck this summer, just go to Krispy Kreme. According to Business Wire, the donut chain has partnered with Good Humor, the brand responsible for the creation of the ice cream truck (per Smithsonian), and Popsicle, the company behind many people's favorite character-themed ice cream snacks, to make some of the most iconic ice cream truck treats into donut flavors.

Krispy Kreme revealed on its website that its ice cream truck-influenced collection includes three flavors. Popsicle Firecracker, a glazed donut topped with icing that tastes like a Popsicle Firecracker, Vanilla King Cone, a donut bursting with a vanilla filling and dusted in ice cream cone pieces, nuts, and chocolate, and Creamsicle, a donut layered in Creamsicle icing. Like an ice cream cone on a hot day, Krispy Kreme's ice cream truck lineup won't last long. The exclusive donuts are available now until August 7.