The Greek Twist That Will Change The Way You Make Tuna Salad

Chances are you probably have a few cans of tuna in a kitchen cabinet. You bought the fish with good intentions. Maybe you want to improve your diet: According to WebMD, eating two or three servings of tuna weekly may lower your risk of heart disease and cancer, improve eye health, strengthen bones, and help with weight loss. Perhaps you have visions of turning your canned tuna into a fancy dish, but the result is always the same: You fix a tuna salad sandwich.

It's quick and easy to whip up homemade tuna salad with ingredients you already have in your kitchen, but tuna and mayonnaise mushed together can get a little monotonous for the taste buds. Even if you've tossed in some crunchy vegetables, the tuna salad can be bland.

There's no reason to have to eat a blah sandwich for lunch in the office break room — not when you can enjoy a Mediterranean-inspired tuna salad and pretend that you're eating it at a beachfront villa in Greece.

Try some Greek tzatziki tuna salad

Imagine taking a big bite of a tuna salad sandwich and instead of the vinegary bite of mayonnaise, you're hit with the creamy, lemony tartness of tzatziki, a centuries-old herb dip (per WorldFoodStory). Instead of watery celery, there's the refreshing crispness of cucumber and dill. The tzatziki's citrus flavors complement the tuna, elevating the fish from boring to delicious.

Preparing this taste of Greece takes less time than planning a Greek vacation. According to Women's Health, mix one can of tuna with plain yogurt and chopped cucumber, shallots, dill, and parsley in a bowl. Add lemon juice and zest. (Don't know how to zest a lemon? It's easier than you think.) Refrigerate before serving.

When it's time to eat, you can avoid a soggy tuna salad sandwich by using wheat bread instead of white. Hearty bread like wheat — or even a crusty baguette — can prevent sogginess because it's sturdier and thicker than white bread. But if you have only white bread on hand, it's not a problem. Toast the bread to give it some structural integrity before making your sandwich. If you have any leftovers, tuna salad will stay fresh in the refrigerator for three to five days.