The Trader Joe's Shrimp Mistake That Had Reddit Cracking Up

While it's true that many Trader Joe's food items have cult followings, some items simply miss the mark. For instance, Reader's Digest recommends avoiding the meat because it's more expensive than at other stores, the sushi due to frequent recalls, and the burritos for their 790 mg of sodium per half.

However, many incidents — some even escalating to lawsuits, such as the case of one customer suing Trader Joe's over cold-pressed juice — boil down to labeling of products. Whether it's poorly designed packaging or failure to read the fine print, both customers and the chain itself can end up in some sticky situations.

A few Trader Joe's fans recently found out the hard way that you should always read the labels on your food, especially when it comes to raw foods. Although luckily no one got sick, things could have turned out very differently, and they certainly won't be making that mistake again.

You probably don't want to eat raw shrimp

One shopper wound up on Reddit after realizing they had eaten raw Argentinian Red Shrimp from Trader Joe's. According to their initial post, they "didn't read the package and assumed it was cooked because of the color."

Earlier this year, TikTok debated whether or not Trader Joe's Argentinian Red Shrimp actually tastes like lobster, but the taste was likely the last thing on this Redditor's mind. They updated 10 hours later to say they were still feeling fine, but in the meantime, other Redditors were cracking up.

One person suggested, "Take a few shots of tequila and call it a night," while another person recommended that the original poster "pound some Pepto." Others said they had made the same mistake and didn't get sick. Several commented that shrimp was perfectly safe, but this is not always the case. Per Healthline, raw shrimp carries a high risk of food poisoning, so you definitely shouldn't be eating raw shrimp intentionally.