See's Candies Has Sweet Plans In Store For National Lollipop Day

Independence Day isn't the only date worthy of celebrating in July, but If you missed out on scoring sweet deals on National Ice Cream Day or earning free fries on National French Fry Day, there is no need to worry — because National Lollipop Day is right around the corner. Per National Day Calendar, the holiday celebrating the simple yet endearing desert falls on July 20 and one candy company is preparing a treat of a lollipop deal in celebration.

However, while Dum Dums may have enchanted you with its mystery flavor and Tootsie Pops may still keep you thinking through that age-old question posed by Mr. Owl, See's Candies is the lollipop seller that is ready to help you honor National Lollipop Day. Having released a birthday cake-influenced candy for its founder Mary See's birthday last October, it's apparent that the candy company is no stranger to celebrations. And its promotion to commemorate National Lollipop Day is sure to make you want to join in on the festivities.

See's Candies is giving away free lollipops for National Lollipop Day

According to a Facebook post created by the brand, See's Candies will be giving out its "lollypops" completely free of charge on July 20 in honor of National Lollipop Day — or at least in the world of See's Candy — National Lollypop Day. Customers will need to visit a See's Candy location in order to claim their choice of lollipop. The brand has flavors ranging from chocolate caramel to butterscotch and provides sugar-free options, but has not disclosed which will be offered as freebies. However, See's Candy did note the deal will only last as long as See's Candy supply of its lollypops does. They're also offering 20% off all lollies online and in-stores until July 23.

This is not the first year See's Candy has faithfully handed out its free lollypops to eager customers on National Lollipop Day. As noted by a See's Candy press release from 2021, the act of gifting its lollypops to candy lovers on July 20 has become a company tradition. And this year See's Candy may be adding another National Lollipop Day tradition to its lineup. The candy brand is holding a sweepstakes that will give lollipop (and lollypop) fans the opportunity to win a year-long supply of their favorite treat. Some participants may also earn a See's Candy $50 gift card. The contest is open until July 23 with the opportunity to strike it sweet in honor of National Lollipop Day.