The Surprising Reason A Sports Reporter Had A Taco Bell Wedding

When someone hears wedding bells, there's a good chance it's not exactly a trip to Taco Bell they're envisioning. Of course, that's not to say that no one has gotten married at one of the country's more than 7,600 Taco Bell locations (via Scrapehero). In fact, there's even a Taco Bell chapel that offers a wedding package with features like a Taco Bell Sauce Packet bouquet and a Cinnabon Delights cake. Hardcore fans of the chain's Mexican-inspired fare come to tie the knot (per Taco Bell Wedding).

The wedding chapel on the second floor of the flagship Las Vegas Taco Bell Cantina restaurant is precisely the location FOX8 sports reporter Clara Goodwin chose for her special day. According to Fox8, Goodwin wed Kevan Ash in front of friends on July 9 after having a "more traditional" (we're guessing that means no Taco Bell crunchy tacos were involved) ceremony in front of family days earlier. Anyone thinking Goodwin must be a Taco Bell groupie to celebrate such a big event at the fast food chain might be surprised to learn how she came to the decision.

Clara Goodwin got her wedding venue idea from TikTok

It turns out Clara Goodwin isn't the president of the Taco Bell fan club. Once the beans were spilled about the couple's wedding inside the Taco Bell chapel, the sports reporter told Fox8, "Everyone's like, 'Oh, did you meet at Taco Bell or do you love Taco Bell?'" Her answer was, "No, not really. We eat it the normal amount that anyone does." Surprisingly, social media inspired the unconventional locale. Goodwin explained she came across a video about weddings held at the Vegas Taco Bell Cantina on TikTok and showed it to her now-husband, Kevan Ash.

Ash was "on board from the get-go," Goodwin revealed. The pair reportedly had Taco Bell-inspired accessories — Ash wore a hot sauce bow tie and Goodwin rocked a coordinating hot sauce garter. Taco Bell reportedly provided unlimited food and drink for the fiesta, and Mountain Dew Baja Blast margaritas were on the menu. It sounds like the newlyweds know how to "Live Más," but they're actually not the first couple to make headlines with a Taco Bell wedding.

In 2017, Dan and Bianca Ryckert tied the knot (tied the nachos?) in Vegas (via Taco Bell's website). Last year, Insider reported on the nuptials of Analicia Garcia and Kyle Howser who were the first couple to wed at the chain's oceanside location in Pacifica, California. If Taco Bell weddings become any more popular, the chain may just want to consider a drive-thru option.