Why Antonia Lofaso Is The Perfect Host For Beachside Brawl

One of Food Network's summer specials is a coastal cooking competition known as "Beachside Brawl." Over the course of the competition, chefs Tiffani Faison and Brooke Williamson lead their teams – East Coast and West Coast, respectively – through various summer-themed challenges (via Food Network). The winning team scores a sweet beach vacation that could be worth as much as $25,000. As shown on the network's website, Faison's team includes East Coast chefs Jared Brown, Edward Lordman, Ben Porter, and Jada Vidal. Williamson's team includes West Coast chefs Kaleena Bliss, Brian Madayag, Josh Mouzakes, and Jessica Roy.

According to Distractify, so far, the teams have faced off with boardwalk favorites, seafood feasts, burgers, bake sale treats, and a yacht-worthy brunch. While this show might already seem like a great way to cool off this summer, it wouldn't be complete without its loud and proud host, chef Antonia Lofaso. Given the show's overarching theme of coast versus coast, there probably couldn't have been a better pick for the job.

Antonia Lofaso offers a taste of both coasts

As if Antonia Lofaso wasn't already impressive enough with her appearances on other shows such as "Cutthroat Kitchen," "Restaurant Startup," and "Top Chef: Chicago" (per her website), she stepped up to host "Beachside Brawl." But television experience isn't the only reason she fits this special like a glove. Jane Latman, Warner Bros Discovery's president of Home & Food Content and Streaming, said that Lofaso's "culinary expertise and ties to both coasts [are what] makes her the ideal host to preside over this coast vs. coast battle for the best beach eats" (via Food Network).

Lofaso was born on Long Island but grew up amid "the culturally diverse landscape" of Los Angeles. Her career highlights include a successful stint at Wolfgang Puck's Spago. And her restaurant Scopa – Italian Roots, though located in California, showcases "Lofaso's interpretation of old-school Italian food [that] reminds us of the home we left in the boroughs of New York," according to Scopa's website. Although fans might be divided on which coast to root for, some just seem hungry to see more of the show and its host. One fan commented on Instagram, "Love it so far! You're a great host, but I do miss watching you cook!" At least we have reruns of "Guy's Grocery Games" and "Tournament of Champions."