The Las Vegas Taco Bell That's The First Of Its Kind

Today's Taco Bell experience is definitely very different from what it was like to eat at the very first Taco Bell opened in 1962. This first location featured a Taco Bell logo that looks drastically different from today's logo, stucco walls, and only a walk-up window for ordering (via Reader's Digest). In those early years, the Taco Bell menu featured only five items, each sold for 19 cents. According to HuffPost, these menu items included frijoles, tostadas, chili burgers, tacos, and burritos with either a red or green sauce.

Since then, the Taco Bell franchise has expanded to include more than 7000 locations in the United States, per the restaurant chain's parent company Yum! Brands, with an additional 500 locations across the globe. These Taco Bells look very different from the original building, as the logo has been simplified to white block letters and a white bell with a purple background, but the feelings Taco Bell inspires still remain the same. 

The newest Taco Bell reminds us of its humble beginnings

Just as the first Taco Bell had only a walk-up window for ordering, the latest Taco Bell to grace the world features a similar concept. This new Taco Bell "Go Mobile" location in Las Vegas does not have any indoor seating. Instead, according to Fox 5, the building has two drive-thru lanes, one for customers and one for delivery drivers. Customers can, however, go inside to order. They can also choose to eat on the covered patio.

Per the Las Vegas Review-Journal, this new location is the first in a new wave of Taco Bells specializing in mobile orders. Over the last few years, we've all witnessed the rapid growth of delivery services, and even the ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants that assist in said services. Being shut in our homes made us dependent on these futuristic concepts, and with the success they've seen, they're here to stay. It's pretty sweet, though, how even this uber-modern, mobile orders-only Taco Bell still pays homage to its humble start.