The Best Kitchen Scales Of 2022

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Whether you're baking, cooking, or brewing coffee, the right kitchen scale can revolutionize your culinary endeavors. Unlike measuring cups and spoons, kitchen scales are an extremely precise way of apportioning ingredients, which can be key when you're working with similarly precise recipes. While using a cup to measure out food gives you limited options and ingredients that could look the same in a cup but sneak in wildly different amounts of material, kitchen scales let you weigh ingredients right down to a gram or a fraction of an ounce. This, in turn, guarantees set ingredient quantities in your recipe and a darn near perfect meal every time (via New York Times).

Kitchen scales also make it much easier to halve or otherwise cut down recipes. After all, even if you're good at math, it's much easier to deal with ounces and grams than cups and spoons as measuring units. Another advantage of using a kitchen scale over measuring cups is less mess. Instead of using multiple utensils, you can simply weigh all your ingredients in the same bowl and use the tare function to return the scale to zero between adding ingredients. Really, the only question now is why you don't already have a kitchen scale to take your culinary adventures up a notch.

How we selected products

In our quest for kitchen scale greatness, we've searched high and low to bring you the best kitchen scales in 2022. This took us to the most remote corners of the internet where we scrutinized both expert and community reviews. Since not all kitchen scales are created for the same purpose, we decide to divide our findings into different categories to make it easier for you to make the right selection for your unique needs.

When looking at the pros and cons of each kitchen scale, we took into account a number of criteria. These included design, platform size, ease of use, accuracy, and readability of the display. We also looked at each device's maximum weight capacity and ability to switch between different measurement systems. Last but not least, we took into account each scale's specific features such as the automatic power-off function, taring facility, and connectivity. Ready to learn more about our findings? Here's our list of the best kitchen scales in 2022!

Best overall kitchen scale

Aesthetically appealing and practical, the OXO Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display is bound to elevate your cooking game to the next level. Crafted from stainless steel, this handy gadget is both slim and smudge resistant. The easy-to-read digital screen can be pulled away from the device avoid annoying shadows cast by bulky bowls and other containers. The scale also features an optional backlight for better visibility.

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale can weigh items up to 11 pounds or 5 kilograms and delivers results in ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms (via Cooking World). While the OXO scale used to display results as fractions instead of decimals, one Amazon reviewer has confirmed that this is no longer the case in the most recent model (via Top Ten Reviews). To ensure accuracy, the device features a tare function that subtracts the weight of the container from its contents.

Purchase the OXO Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display from Amazon starting at $55.95.

Best kitchen scale for beginners

When it comes to kitchen gadgets, ease of use can be a deal-breaker, particularly if you're a novice. With only two buttons, the Escali Primo Digital Scale is straightforward to use but not at the expense of features. The affordable kitchen scale weighs items both in ounces and grams in 0.05-ounce or 1-gram increments. It can also handle goods up to 11 pounds and comes with a tare feature that allows you to separate the weight of the container from the weight of the ingredients being measured. Plus, the automatic shut-off function kicks in after four minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life.

The Escali Primo Digital Scale also delivers in terms of design with a sealed LED display and control panel. The protective casing makes the scale not only easy to clean but safeguards it in cases of accidental spills. The Escali kitchen scale is also highly durable, with Caty Schnack from The Inventory noting that she has been using the gadget for around 10 years without any problems. If you're somehow still not sold, the scale comes with a lifetime warranty. According to Schnack, the only drawback is that the scale may not be sensitive enough to weigh small quantities and very light ingredients such as baking powder.

Purchase the Escali Primo Digital Scale from Amazon starting at $24.95.

Best budget kitchen scale

At under $10, the Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale might be one of the best kitchen purchases you'll ever make with the least impact on your bank account. Featuring an easy-to-read LCD screen, the stainless steel scale weighs items up to 11 pounds or 5 kilograms, while it's capable of registering food that comes in at over 0.1 ounce or 2 grams. Just like most other kitchen scales, the gadget displays results in grams or ounces. Plus, it features a tare button that subtracts container weight so you can get an accurate measurement of your ingredients (via Amazon).

The Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale has scored a very high 9.1 out of 10 on The Reviewer Index, indicating that most consumers have been happy with their purchase. In a similar vein, 80% of Amazon reviewers gave the product a five out of five-star rating. One satisfied Amazon reviewer has even called the scale a "screaming bargain," saying that it was spot on when they set a 200-gram weight on it. The scale has also hit all the right notes with a pastry chef who called it their go-to scale for smaller jobs since it's always accurate, easy to clean, and features a very long battery life (via Amazon).

Purchase the Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale from Amazon starting at $9.84.

Best kitchen scale for baking

Whether you're into making your own bread, pastries, or cakes, the My Weigh KD-8000 Kitchen And Craft Digital Scale has you covered. What sets this nifty kitchen scale apart from the pack is its ability to take on baker's math and percentage weighing. Since bakers usually measure their ingredients in relation to flour, the percentage function eliminates the math involved in measuring baking ingredients in cups and teaspoons. As the Bread Guide points out, the function also lets you easily increase or decrease the yield of your recipe and ensure a consistent product.

With a 17-pound capacity, the My Weigh KD-8000 Kitchen And Craft Digital Scale is hefty enough to weigh large batches of ingredients. The angled display comes with a protective cover and is easy to read, even if you are using large bowls that project out from the scale's platform. The device also comes with a tare function that separates the weight of the ingredients and the container and a hold feature that keeps the weight reading on the scale even when an item is removed. Last but not least, the KD-8000 features a programmable auto-off function that can be set to turn off the device after a period of inaction (via Old Will Knott Scales).

Purchase the My Weigh KD-8000 Kitchen And Craft Digital Scale from Amazon starting at $49.

Best kitchen scale for weighing coffee

For some, getting the perfect cup of coffee can be a scientific affair that requires just the right amount of beans and water. This is where the Brewista Smart Scale II can help you achieve caffeinated greatness. Unlike most other kitchen scales that weigh ingredients in 0.05-ounce or 1-gram increments, the Brewista Smart Scale II can go even further, measuring coffee with 0.0035-ounce or 0.1-gram accuracy. The unit's maximum capacity is 70 ounces or 2 kilograms.

Aside from its precision, the Brewista Smart Scale II features a water-resistant nano coating and silicone padding to protect the scale from temperature fluctuations (normally, scales will lose accuracy when subject to temperature changes). It also comes with six brew modes — five for espresso and one for manual coffee. Some of the scale's other features include a USB rechargeable battery, auto tare, timer and off functions, and an LCD display that delivers measurements both in ounces and grams.

Purchase the Brewista Smart Scale II from Amazon starting at $89.

Best app-enabled kitchen scale

Perfect for tech-savvy professional and amateur chefs, the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale connects to the VeSync app, which makes measuring and tracking 12 different nutritional parameters such as calories and vitamins a breeze. The scale also lets you access the USDA's exhaustive database of information about thousands of food items. And if the food item you're after doesn't appear in the database, you can easily add it to the list.

Made from stainless steel, the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale's rectangular platform is ultra-easy to clean — simply wipe it with a damp cloth. The platform also features four anti-skid points to prevent it from sliding around during use (via Fitness Junkie Blog). Last but not least, the scale is capable of weighing items between 0.17 ounces or 5 grams and 11 pounds or 5 kilograms in 0.1-ounce or 1-gram increments.

Purchase the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale from Amazon starting at $39.99.

Best pocket kitchen scale

Tiny and affordable, the Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale will be with you wherever you go. Weighing a mere 3.5 ounces or 100 grams, the stainless steel scale features a protective flip cover so you easily place it in your pocket or bag without worrying about accidental dings or scratches. Despite its small size, the Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale features a big backlit display and large-sized buttons (via Amazon).

The Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale can weigh items up to 3.5 ounces or 100 grams in 0.0003-ounce or 0.01-gram increments. It also features a tare function for precise measurements and a one-minute automatic shut-off function to conserve battery life.

Scoring 9.2 out of 10 on Best Views Reviews and 8.9 on Don't Waste Your Money, the Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. While many reviewers have commented that the scale works well for weighing precious metals or even reptiles, others have praised it for helping them take on precise coffee measurements. One Amazon reviewer commented that they use the scale for measuring their espresso doses, saying that "it's always spot on with a quick measurement."

Purchase the Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale from Amazon starting at $10.50.

Best high-capacity kitchen scale

Perfect for those people who are tasked with making large batches of food, the MegaWise Precision Food Scale is designed to weigh items up to 33 pounds or 15 kilograms — much more than a conventional kitchen scale. Featuring four built-in precision sensors, the scale starts registering food from 0.04 ounces or 1 gram, and delivers results in 0.05-ounce or 1-gram increments. The measurements can be read in ounces, pounds, grams, kilograms, and milliliters. Plus, the tare feature lets you accurately weigh ingredients inside a container.

The MegaWise Precision Food Scale is designed with a tempered glass platform and a large LCD screen. It also only features three buttons — the on/off switch, the tare button, and the unit button — which makes it very easy to operate. The scale runs on a USB charge or two AAA batteries and features an automatic 150-second energy-saving function. In addition, the device is highly efficient, lasting up to two months on a full charge with daily use.

Purchase the MegaWise Precision Food Scale from Amazon starting at $24.

Best kitchen scale for the nutrition-minded

We all know how important a healthy diet is to your overall physical and mental well-being. The great news is that there's a kitchen scale that can help to take the guesswork out of prepping nutritious meals. The Greater Goods Nutrition Food Scale comes with nutritional information about 2,000 food items. To use it, simply look up the code for a specific item in the manual, weigh your food, and watch the info pop up on the panel. What's more, you can always add new entries to this preset list.

Featuring a tempered glass surface, the rectangular scale supports up to 11 pounds or 5 kilograms. It also comes with a tare function for more accurate measurements. In addition, the scale lets you easily switch between ounces and grams at a touch of a button (via Happy Food Geek).

So what's the verdict? One Amazon reviewer has called the Greater Goods Nutrition Food Scale an excellent kitchen scale for those on a lifestyle-changing journey, saying, "I really like how this scale gives you the weight, calories, and the macros. I would think this is a must-have if you are on a lifestyle change diet or just interested in understanding the macro breakdown of how much protein, carbohydrate, and fat the food you are eating contains ... I tested the scale against some nutrition labels and the calories and breakdown was right on."

Purchase the Greater Goods Nutrition Food Scale from Amazon starting at $54.88.

Most versatile kitchen scale

Want to measure your flour and salt at the same time? No problem, at least not with the Ooni Dual-Platform Digital Scale. This kitchen scale comes with two brushed stainless steel platforms that help you streamline your kitchen prep. The larger platform has a capacity of 22 pounds or 10 kilograms and 350 fluid ounces or 10 liters. Meanwhile, the smaller platform is suitable for weighing items up to 6.5 ounces or 200 grams and 8 fluid ounces or 0.1 milliliters. The Ooni kitchen scale also features two separate LCD displays.

The Ooni Dual-Platform Digital Scale has met with a favorable community response, with many reviewers taking special note of its accuracy. One reviewer has called Ooni one of their favorite kitchen appliances, saying, "I love this scale! It's absolutely worth the cost to have something accurate and reliable. It's been amazing for recipes that call for less than 1 gram." An Amazon reviewer has concurred, calling Ooni beautiful, thin, and compact, as well as "precise, precise, precise."

Purchase the Ooni Dual-Platform Digital Scale from Amazon starting at $49.99.

Best storage-friendly kitchen scale

The aptly-named Joseph Joseph 40071 TriScale features three platform arms that fold down for convenient storage and portability. The easy-to-read LCD display, which is located on one of the arms, delivers results in grams and kilograms, ounces and pounds, and fluid ounces or milliliters. Despite its compact size, the scale can weigh items up to 11 pounds or 5 kilograms (via Amazon). The scale also features an add and weigh function to let you measure different ingredients in the same bowl as well as an automatic power-off feature to conserve power when the unit isn't in use.

Those on the move haven't been shy about voicing their appreciation of Joseph Joseph's foldability. As one reviewer wrote on Amazon, they absolutely love this scale, saying, "as a bariatric patient who travels all around the world I freaking love this scale. I can log my food every day even when I'm on the road." Another Amazon reviewer even uses the scale at restaurants: "I'm on a diet plan that requires me to weigh my food which is difficult when eating out. This little gadget does the trick beautifully and is not glaringly obvious to other diners."

Purchase the Joseph Joseph 40071 TriScale from Amazon starting at $49.99.

Best analog kitchen scale

While most modern cooking enthusiasts prefer the ease of reading digital displays, there is something to be said for the nostalgia associated with analog appliances. The San Jamar SCDLB2 Mechanical Dial Scale is just such a case in point. The scale features a large rotating dial that delivers both imperial and metric measurements for items up to 2 pounds or 900 grams. The dial comes with a shatter-proof cover for maximum safety.

The San Jamar scale features a tare function much like its digital cousins, allowing you to simply reset it to zero to weigh different items in the bowl. It's also a breeze to clean since the metal frame can be wiped down with a cloth and the stainless-steel measuring bowl is dishwasher-safe. Last but not least, the scale utilizes commercial-grade springs, which makes it accurate without the need for batteries (via Amazon).

Purchase the San Jamar SCDLB2 Mechanical Dial Scale starting at $50.16.