How A Waffle Iron Can Help You Flip Eggs Better

Eggs are perpetually popular, with consumption of the "perfect protein" steadily rising to up to 286 eggs per person each year as of 2020, according to Statista. Eggs are certainly a versatile food, which may help account for their popularity. While they can be added to just about any type of recipe, from cakes to ramen, they are still perhaps best known as a traditional breakfast staple. Even in the morning, they have quite the range: They can be poached, added to a scramble, or simply hard-boiled and enjoyed with just a little bit of salt. Of course, one of the heartiest, most flavorful egg dishes on the breakfast menu is the classic omelet.

While preparing the beloved dish is not exactly complicated, people make quite a few mistakes when cooking omelets. This is partially because flipping an omelet (in order to cook the eggs evenly) is something of an art form. Chefs employ many different techniques, such as flipping it in the air, folding it with a spatula, or even using a plate to neatly flip it out of the pan without making a mess or having all the fillings fall out, per Lacadamie. However, many home cooks still struggle with the art of the omelet flip. That's where an unexpected kitchen gadget can come in quite handy.

Omelets can be cooked flip-free in a waffle iron

It turns out your waffle iron needn't be limited to making waffles: This useful kitchen appliance can be used to make the perfect omelet. Simply add the pre-whisked eggs; sprinkle whatever veggies, meat, and other yummy fillings you want inside; and close the lid. Inside the hot waffle maker, the omelet cooks evenly on both sides, entirely eliminating the need for flipping, according to Daily Burn. The end result? A perfectly cooked, perfectly intact omelet.

You don't have to put away your waffle maker after whipping up your omelet. Other things you can make in a waffle iron include wonuts (a glazed waffle-donut hybrid), French toast, and even stuffed biscuits. This gadget can also be a clever way to liven up your breakfast potatoes. Rather than making regular roasted home fries in the oven, sweet potatoes can be shredded and tossed onto the waffle maker until crispy for a sweet, nutritious side dish or base for your breakfast hash. And, of course, you can always use your waffle maker for its intended purpose — to make fluffy, delicious waffles — and you'll have a well-rounded breakfast feast to start your day off right.