The Hidden Message In The Eclipse Chewing Gum Logo

If you've ever heard of subliminal messaging, chances are that you've probably brushed them off as wacky conspiracy theories. While the theories of secret messages in our media influencing us to do things aren't solid (at least we assume they aren't), the truth is that some companies actually do have secret messages hidden in plain sight — and you don't need to be Rowdy Roddy Piper with special x-ray sunglasses to see them.

In that Toblerone candy wrapper, for example, if you were to look close enough at the mountain on the wrapper, you can make out the image of a bear. This symbolizes the Swiss city of Bern, where the candy bar was invented (via Business Insider). If you take a closer look at Wendy's logo next time you're polishing off a Baconator, you may notice the word "Mom" spelled out in the collar of the red-haired Wendy's girl (via ABC News). When you're dumping out chips in a bowl to pair with salsa, you may notice the Tostito's logo has the image of two people sharing a bowl of dip in the two "T's" of the logo (via The U.S. Sun).

With all these secret messages hidden around you in everyday objects and brands, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Why not take a seat and enjoy a piece of chewing gum to help you relax? Of course, if the particular brand of gum is Eclipse, you'll probably find another hidden message right on the package.

There's a solar eclipse hidden in the logo

Look very closely at the package of Eclipse gum in your hand. Take careful note of the circular shape behind the "Eclipse." According to Taste of Home, this shape is actually a solar eclipse, perhaps an image of the moon aligning with the sun in one rare, awe-inspiring moment of astronomical glory. But as neat as a solar eclipse is, what does that have to do with gum anyway?

Strangely, there doesn't seem to be an official reason as to why the gum is called Eclipse. While "5" gum's name refers to the "stimulation of the five senses" (via a 2007 article from the Inspiration Room) and Doublemint gum is called that thanks to its supposed "double distillation" process that gave it twice the mint flavor (via Smithsonian Institution), no one seems to know why exactly Eclipse gum got its name.

Perhaps Eclipse's name refers to its strong minty taste. When consumers chew the gum, the cool and refreshing flavor would be reminiscent of the cool dark sensations of an eclipse. Or perhaps it refers to the idea that the taste of the gum will "eclipse" bad breath.

While we can't be sure what exactly Eclipse is named for, or how it got that hidden message in the background, we can be sure that chewing gum each day can have an interesting effect on the human body.