The Shocking Amount Of Coffee Robert Irvine Once Drank

They say to never trust a skinny chef, but what about a chef who is absolutely ripped? When Robert Irvine first appeared on Food Network in 2007, his commanding presence and fascinating backstory made him an instant hit with viewers (via Muscle & Fitness). Not only was he the most muscular chef on the network, but his military background separated him from the pack because he was calm and very organized under pressure. Irvine's regimented way of doing things can be partially credited to 10 years in the British Navy, but he has also been very disciplined in his workout routine since he was very young.

"I got my first set of weights at 11 years old, and my first copy of 'Muscle & Fitness' with Arnold on the cover, and that sparked my interest in fitness," Irvine told Muscle & Fitness. "We were not a rich family, but my mother somehow found this set of gold weights." 

The British chef has been working out consistently ever since then — six days a week to be exact (via Food Network). In addition to his workout routine, the "Restaurant: Impossible" host eats eight to 12 small meals throughout the day for portion control. That being said, Irvine doesn't believe in removing specific items from one's diet, just having everything in moderation (via Delish). He has clearly seen results from this method, especially when he's applied it to caffeine.

Robert Irvine used to drink eight pots of coffee per day

Believe it or not, that is not a typo. Robert Irvine used to drink eight pots, not cups, of coffee per day (via The Cook & Joe Show). One of the hosts of "The Cook & Joe Show" was asking the chef how he could quit caffeine, and Irvine had quite the story to share in response. The Food Network star explained that he used to be a "caffeine freak." He used to drink 8 pots of coffee, 16 Red Bulls, and "lattes with quad shots." The radio show hosts were not sure how he is still alive after that story, but these days, Irvine has cut back on the caffeine by quite a lot.

"I don't drink coffee — very occasionally, when I'm working out, I'll drink one cup of coffee a day," Irvine said on the radio show. "Now I just drink black tea with nothing in it, and it's much better for me." It's no surprise that the celebrity chef feels better now, because he was way over the recommended 400 mg of caffeine per day, which is about 4 cups of coffee — not pots.