The Kid-Friendly Costco Find Parents Can't Stop Raving About

Catering to children is always in a company's best interest, especially when they make up 22% of the United States' population, according to Children's Defense Fund. That equals around 73 million children as of 2019. Per White Hutchinson, families with children account for 46.5% of out-of-home food spending, 51% of leisure fees, 48.5% of apparel and services, and 43.9% of pets, toys, and hobbies.

In fact, there are stores that are specifically made for the purpose of serving kids. Places like buybuyBABY, The Children's Place, and Gymboree are full of clothes, toys, baby supplies, and other essentials. Parents are even trying to discover the best things to make with their kids. Costco is one of the businesses that have tapped into the market — catching the eye of children and parents alike. According to its website, it sports children-specific medicine, children's vitamins, and children's toothpaste. Recently, Instagram discovered a Costco product that has parents excited.

Dinner is ready!

Yesterday, Instagram user @CostcoBuys made a post showing off their new Costco discovery. In the video, they showed a children's dinnerware set made up of purple, blue, green, and yellow cups, bowls, and silverware, all sized for small hands. "They're BPA free and microwave safe," the post read. "Get this set for $19.99!" CostcoBuys, which isn't affiliated with the company itself, is dedicated to "show the world how amazing @Costco is," according to their profile.

In just one day, the post racked up more than 4,000 likes, and many commenters were in favor of the product. "Great price for this bundle," one Instagrammer wrote. "We gotta get this," another wrote while tagging a loved one. Some users, however, were disappointed that their local Costco doesn't have the set in stock. "My Costco doesn't have them yet," one commenter posted alongside a crying emoji. If you happen to find the set in stock, perhaps you can use it to serve kid-friendly meals for picky eaters.