The Strange Way You Could Get Free Subway Sandwiches For Life

What would you do for something you loved? Something that you just couldn't get enough of on a daily basis? If that love happens to be Subway sandwiches, then you may be in luck. It's the largest sandwich chain in the United States with no other sandwich restaurant coming close to its $8 billion in annual sales, per Statista. Besides this, it has 42,000 locations across 100 countries, so it's safe to say that Subway is not only well-known but well-loved by many, via Business Insider

With bread baked onsite and a range of both classic and new menu items, and the fact that you can make any combination you choose, it's easy to see why it's a popular choice for take-out by millions worldwide, per Subway. Now, the chain has announced that nine absolutely dedicated fans who take their allegiance to the next level will be given an opportunity to get free sandwiches for life.

How to score free lifetime Subway

Although Subway got rid of the $5 Footlong, there are still so many options you could eat for free for the rest of your life, and all you need to do is get a permanent 12" x 12" tattoo with the new Subway Series logo on either your sternum or your back. If that sounds like a great deal, head over to Las Vegas on July 27th where Subway is hosting a block party at Bad Apple Tattoo from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. per a press release. This is part of Subway's new promotion for its Subway Series which features 12 new signature sandwiches on its menu (per Chew Boom).

Tattoo artist and two-time Ink Master Champion DJ Tambe said in the press release, "Tattoos hold a special meaning for my customers, they come to me to celebrate the things they love the most or to commemorate a major moment in their lives. Whether that's the first time trying the Subway Series, or simply eternal love for Subway, I'm here to make that a permanent part of their lives and something to showcase."

You can also get a 2"x2" Subway Series logo on your foot, wrist, or bicep for a month of sandwiches. A 3" x 3" on "shoulder blade, forearm, or calf" will get you a year's supply. It all depends on just how dedicated you are to the restaurant chain!