If You Want To Dine In A Restaurant Full Of Karens, Here's Where To Go

Have you ever seen a woman with a mid-2000s haircut arguing with a person 10 years younger than her about coupons in a grocery store? Ever seen a woman wearing sunglasses inside embarrass herself by throwing a fit over a fast-food hamburger? Does seeing a woman in sweatpants and an obviously fake spray tan strike primal fear into your heart? Known as "Karens," these types of patrons are a well-known hazard to both employees and customers alike. Smug, entitled, and with an addiction to leaving passive aggressive messages on Facebook, these fiery femmes can be found everywhere from Chick-fil-A to McDonald's. You don't want to find yourself in the same area as these snobby shoppers, let alone dine with them.

However, just like parachuting from a plane or flying recklessly in a speeding car beckons to some with promises of dangerous thrills, you can satisfy your inner daredevil by not only eating in a place full of Karens, but being served by them too. If you find yourself in the mood for a burger with a side of condescending sarcasm, you can find yourself a Karen's Diner.

Described by the New York Post as a place for patrons to unleash their "inner angry white woman," and a place where your self-esteem can get "absolutely mollywhopped" (via Foodbeast), Karen's Diner takes the concept of customer service and grinds it into the immaculately polished tile under a sharp stiletto.

Karen's Diner offers hot burgers and cold shoulders

Forget the concept of service with a smile and embrace sarcasm and put downs. Karen's Diner takes the concept of the entitled and rude "Karen" stereotype and applies it to everything from the waitresses to even the customers. As LadBible reports, not only will you be greeted by sarcastic "Karen" waitresses at this Australian pop-up restaurant, but you are fully welcome — nay, expected — to unleash your inner Karen just the same. If your name so happens to be Karen, you'll even get "celebratory" free drinks.

Should you manage to get past the scowling waitresses, you'll find that the restaurant offers a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, chicken wings, and milkshakes. OpenTable reviewers describe an experience at Karen's Diner as a "good place for a belly laugh" and the food being between "average" and "delicious." Some, however, have made comments that the staff had gone too far in their insults and criticisms, but the diner was willing to recompense for some of their cases.

While Karen's Diner is based mainly in Australia, Americans have their own restaurant where customer service is purposefully less than exceptional. Dick's Last Resort operates in a similar style, where staff insult, belittle, and act rude to the customers as part of the laid-back "sleazy" atmosphere.