The Costco Disney Set That Takes Halloween To The Next Level

For lovers of jingle bells and candy canes, July marks the halfway point to Christmas — but for those who enjoy witches and Jack-o-Lanterns, the closer we draw to the end of summer means that Halloween is just around the corner. And while many may feel that people are more likely to go all out with decorations in honor of December 25, those who prefer the more horrific holiday are no slackers. Last year, the U.S. was projected to drop $10.14 billion on preparing for the perfect Halloween (per USA Today).

And given their dedication to the celebration, many Halloween enthusiasts may already be planning out the details for this year's festivities. Luckily, Costco has started the process of stocking its shelves with all of the Halloween must-haves. The company recently veered into the world of Halloween candy after it dressed up its cocoa bombs as eyeballs, and now the brand is beginning to sell decorations. But one of the most recent editions to Costco's Halloween decor perfectly captures the atmosphere of the holiday. The chain has partnered with Disney to give its shoppers a sweetly dark Halloween set that is sure to bring an extra feeling of delightful fright to anyone's Halloween decor.

Costco's Disney Halloween Village is a treat

Between its widely adored movie series "Halloweentown" and its parks' Not-So-Scary-Halloween parties, Disney is known for celebrating the dark holiday with a lighthearted flair. And its new Costco Halloween set brings the same fun to October 31st. Instagram user @costcobuys posted a video showcasing Costco's Disney Halloween Village. The 12-piece set sprinkles Mickey and friends throughout a classically cartoony Halloween landscape with ancient buildings, twisty trees, creepy gravestones, and smiling Mickey Jack-o-Lanterns. Of course, Mickey and his companions are all dressed in their Halloween best.

Instagram users in the comments express that they can't wait to get their hands on the set. One wrote, "I secretly really want this for Halloween. Especially since having gone to Disneyland for Halloween." Many users tagged their Halloween and Disney-loving friends with phrases like "you need this" and "all you."

Aside from its spooky and fun appearance, some of the pieces in the Disney Halloween Village's windows light up, and, according to the OP, the set also makes "haunting music & sound" using a "timer function." The post states you can snag this set for $99.99. If you plan on using this Disney-inspired set as your Halloween decor's centerpiece, be sure to also please your party guests with equally as perfectly themed Halloween recipes.