The Trader Joe's Hack That Had TikTok Amazed

Trader Joe's has skyrocketed in popularity throughout the 21st century for plenty of good reasons: the low prices, the pleasant ambiance, and the incredibly friendly cashiers are just a few things that get shoppers hooked. If there is one aspect above the rest that keeps fans loyal, though, it has to be the store's arsenal of delicious, fun, and unique products. While Trader Joe's has plenty of staples that people love, long-term shoppers have seen many products come and go over the years like the highly-anticipated Ube Mochi or cult-classic Popcorn in a Pickle (via Instagram). 

No matter how long a product's lifespan, every new arrival is a cause for celebration among the store's biggest enthusiasts. Some connoisseurs will often take to social media to review the products or share creative recipes and hacks that they swear will take these products to the next level. One of the most recent product releases has led to a fan-made upgrade that is taking TikTok by storm.

Burria ramen

Trader Joe's announced the release of a new frozen Beef Birria product. It wasn't long before TikToker @foodieonfleek came up with their own creative twist – Birria ramen. On June 8th, they uploaded a video to TikTok to share the recipe. As of July, thousands of TikTok users have liked the video, and hundreds have left comments to show admiration for this simple yet ingenious idea, saying, "I need this," and "Going back tomorrow to buy more, before it's all gone." 

Birria ramen from scratch can be superb, but preparing it can also set you back about 6 hours according to these cooking instructions from Delish. If you're stocking up on frozen meal options, you may not have that kind of time on your hands and with this easy hack, all you need to do is combine the prepared Beef Birria dish with cooked ramen and a few other staple ingredients.

Don't get it wrong, shoppers love the Beef Birria and other products at Trader Joe's just as they are, but those seeking more can always count on the internet to uncover these products' full potential.