Reddit Is Bonding Over The 'After Chipotle Body Experience'

As delicious as they can be, some foods just don't sit right with your stomach. Sometimes the reason can be explained away with a gluten or dairy allergy, but other times, the particular food is simply hard on digestion. According to Everyday Health, those experiencing indigestion should avoid alcohol, caffeine, dairy and artificial sweeteners, as well as fatty, fried, acidic, processed, alcohol, sweet and salty, spoiled, and spicy foods. This extensive list probably just left you wondering what exactly you are supposed to eat.

Per Medical News Today, those with an upset stomach should remedy the issue with broths, bananas, applesauce, ginger, and natural probiotics such as yogurt and tempeh. It's also important to stay hydrated with water, diluted fruit juice, electrolyte drinks, and herbal teas. 

Because Chipotle has plenty of foods that are hard on digestion, it comes as no surprise that folks on Reddit are complaining about their bodies hurting after eating at the fast-food spot.

Many consumers face tummy issues

After realizing that Chipotle gave them stomach issues, Reddit user ImpossibleGiraffe764 made a post to the Chipotle subreddit titled, "What does chipotle do to your body?" The post read, "Like why. I knew better. I took my break and was starving and weak with 4 hours left in the shift. Got a brown rice bowl, barbacoa, veg, and mild salsa. My stomach is not happy read: major squirts." They then asked if anybody else on the thread felt the same way after eating at the restaurant.

Some commenters definitely understood exactly what OP was feeling. "I feel like I bloat up so much from eating Chipotle. Like the rice isn't being rinsed properly or soaked [with] too much water during cooking," they said. Most of the replies complained about the bloating that happens after eating the salty food. Another Reddit user offered advice that could help OP battle the problem, writing, "I used to get mad nauseous after eating Chipotle on break, I still do. I had to stop getting so much meat. I get light [sour cream] and cheese." One commenter blamed the diarrhea problem directly on the barbacoa.

If you're someone who's afraid of having stomach issues after eating at Chipotle, you could always try to make a copycat recipe at home. This way, you know exactly what's being added and can eliminate problem foods.