The TikTok Recipe That Had Gordon Ramsay Baffled

Ever seen those signs? You know, the Chik-fil-A ads with cows all over them, urging you to "Eat Mor Chikin"? Seems like one TikToker really took it to heart by eating a bizarre burger, much to Gordon Ramsay's chagrin and the world's entertainment. But — spoiler — it's not all good news for the bovine population.

Gordon Ramsay's cooking duets — where we're treated to Ramsay's split-screen commentary while an unsuspecting TikToker plugs away at their recipe — are worth their weight in gold. In this particular video, Ramsay's trademark skepticism is triggered from the get-go as he watches a straight-faced Sylvia Ferreira grate frozen chicken breast calmly into a bowl. Unsurprisingly, his quick draw critique emerges early ("What are you doing?" he asks at the eight-second mark), and despite praising her proper seasoning technique, he rushes to wonder aloud with all the anxiety of a young child being taken on a surprise trip to the dentist: "Where are we going" and "What's this thing called?" The next thing you know, @Syllygirl is combining said chicken shards with egg and breadcrumbs and shaping them into a patty (if something the size and shape of a small boulder can rightfully be called a patty). Ramsay's qualms are temporarily quelled when he sees that she is making a sort of chicken burger, and we get about a second or so of Gordon looking as calm as if he'd spent time in the Bordeaux hotel and spa that houses one of his restaurants.

'It looks like a loaf of bread!'

When the tempest returns, we feel the full brunt of hurricane Gordon Ramsay's force, well-known to viewers (per Brittanica). Sylvia Ferreira puts the mixed meat back into a smaller bowl to mold it and places it in the freezer for an hour to get firmed up. Ramsay is back on high alert, "What? What?" he sputters, "Mold it to the bowl — moldy bowl? Where's it going next?" he queries, eyes wild, almost laughing at his own joke and complete confusion. When Ferreira explains it's going into the freezer, he can't believe it (via TikTok). 

"Into the freezer for an hour?" he asks incredulously, turning to an imaginary audience to support his astonishment, and blinking in disbelief. The requisite hour later, the patty ("a hockey puck...for giants" Ramsay calls it) is extracted from its wrapping and put in flour, egg, and more breadcrumbs, at which point Ramsay starts to get really worried, "Hold on a minute, you're not frying that thing, are you?" he asks nervously. Considering its size again, Ramsay has to speculate, "How many chickens are in that thing?" But not to worry, it's going in the oven, not the frying pan for 20 minutes to cook, leading Ramsay to declare with the sad confidence of a seasoned chef, "It's going to come out all anemic and looking weird."

The dénoument: the chicken was a bun the whole time

When the chicken patty comes out of the oven, Gordon Ramsay can't believe how dry it looks. "Like a loaf of bread!" he declares, in an almost triumphant told-you-so tone (a not surprising attitude, per Hello!). He watches, disbelieving, while our placid TikToker proceeds to cut across the middle into two halves, and Ramsay gasps, "Look how dry that thing is!" At this point, Sylvia Ferreira's excitement elevates her voice loudly enough over Ramsay's that we can hear her speak. "That looks just like bread!" she declares delightedly — the two agree on something at least! — and she proceeds to add mayonnaise to one half, while Ramsay goes back to speculating with his typical sardonic edge (via The Guardian), "A door wedge? A boot wedge? Mayonnaise?!?"

Finally, Ramsay stands back in horror; his eyes follow what his head and heart cannot as Ferreira proceeds to layer cheese slices and hamburger patties on top, clearly warming to her theme. The big reveal: it's a chicken-beef burger! But while Ramsay's eyes have been opened to the truth, it's a cruel kind of joke. "Girl, you've lost the plot!" Ramsay shouts into the camera, animated and desperate. "Who in the Hell is eating that thing?! Because you need a freaking medal!" 

Make of it what you will: Ramsay thinks Ferreira deserves a medal. High praise from a notoriously picky chef. Who cares what it's for? She earned it.