The Best Cocktail Shakers In 2022

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There's a very good reason why bars rely on cocktail shakers. A classic cocktail isn't just about the perfect combination of ingredients, but also how they are blended — or in this case, shaken. Whether it's for a party or a night in front of the TV, a cocktail shaker is the ultimate accessory to elevate your mixology game.

There are two main types of cocktail shakers, but the cobbler is the most popular for a home setting. Per Advanced Mixology, it consists of three pieces — a tumbler, a built-in strainer, and a top lid — that make it very simple to use. Plus, you'll find these models in a variety of appealing colors and designs. Meanwhile, Boston shakers are the choice professionals and consist of two tins or a tin and a glass that fit together to create a seal. While much simpler in design, they can be trickier to use than cobbler-style shakers. Nevertheless, bartenders often prefer Boston shakers because they are faster to use and easier to clean (via Senior Liqueur).

How we selected products

From classic martinis to daiquiris, creating professional-grade cocktails at home can be a piece of cake provided that you have the right tools. Our mission to bring you the best cocktail shakers of the year took us to the most remote corners of the internet where we read hundreds of professional and community reviews. We took into account a number of factors when selecting products in order to cover all the bases.

Firstly, we looked at design, material, and durability. After all, stainless steel shakers are likely to last much longer than their plastic counterparts. The next criteria we considered were capacity, weight, and price. Last but not least, we looked at whether the shakers were simple to clean. As mentioned, the Boston shaker tends to win in this department. Nevertheless, many cobbler shakers are dishwasher-safe, which puts them back in the game when it comes to easy maintenance.

Whether you like the simple design of Boston shakers or the convenience of cobblers, here's our top selection of the best cocktail shakers in 2022.

Best overall cocktail shaker

It's easy to shake up any party with the OXO Steel Cocktail Shaker. Featuring a built-in strainer to prevent ice from falling into serving glasses, the cobbler-style cocktail shaker boasts double walls to keep your drinks cold and your hands warm. Plus, the 18-ounce stainless steel shaker comes with a lid that doubles as a jigger thanks to helpful etchings of various measurements. The rubber jigger also enables a secure hand-hold on the end of the shaker while you mix up your drinks.

Best Views Reviews awarded the OXO shaker a score of 8.1 out of 10 for its user-friendly features. Similarly, over 80% of Amazon reviewers gave the OXO five out of five stars. One Amazon reviewer who clearly believes that the OXO shaker is superior to its kin says, "you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't own this cocktail shaker. [...] All the pieces fit together snuggly and don't leak, they don't bind while trying to take them apart, and the thing pours without the normal glug-glug-glug you get from normal shakers." If you're still on the fence, the customer adds that the shaker "can make the least coordinated bartender look like a pro." That's worth a shot, right?

Purchase the OXO Steel Cocktail Shaker from Amazon starting at $32.95.

Best budget cocktail shaker

Throwing a party or two doesn't need to cost a fortune. If you're on a budget, the Maraca Plastic Recipe Shaker by True Brands is bound to add some flavor to your next soiree without breaking the bank. Better still, the shaker is pre-printed with seven popular cocktail recipes and ounce measurement marks. As such, you can expect to be whipping up margaritas, Manhattans, mojitos, and Long Island ice teas within seconds.

Made from clear plastic, the 16-ounce cocktail shaker comes with a handy jigger cap and a strainer lid to keep the ice exactly where it belongs — in the shaker. One Amazon reviewer praises the True Maraca shaker for turning his son-in-law into a professional bartender at his wedding reception, saying, "It worked out great as instructions for the most popular drinks are on the shaker. [...] he felt like a pro at the end of the night. Clean-up was a breeze as well."

Purchase the Maraca Cocktail Recipe Shaker on Amazon starting at $7.94.

Best cocktail shaker for professionals

Simple yet effective, Cocktail Kingdom's Leopold Weighted Shaker is a Boston-style shaker composed of two tins. And while the Boston shaker may not be as easy to use as one with a built-in strainer, it's a hit with professionals for a few reasons. Freddie Sarkis, the chief cocktail officer at the Liquor Lab in Manhattan explains that it's less likely to leak or freeze, faster to use, and easier to clean than a cobbler (via Food & Wine). The Cocktail Kingdom Leopold Weighted Shaker is no exception with its set of weighted tins — one large and one small — that makes it ideal for whipping up two professional-quality cocktails at a time.

Made from stainless steel, the visually-appealing tins feature a wide mouth and a footed base for ease of use. They also create a tight seal that separates easily after use, although's product review mentions it occasionally sticks. Thankfully, the issue is quickly resolved by tapping the smaller tin. While the tins are dishwasher safe, they are also ultra-easy to clean by hand with dish soap and warm water.

Purchase Cocktail Kingdom's Leopold Weighted Shaking Tin Set from Amazon starting at $29.99.

Best cocktail shaker set

Barillio's Rose Copper Cocktail Shaker Set comes with all the tools you'll ever need to craft outstanding cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Aside from a 24-ounce cobbler shaker, the set features a muddler, a mixing spoon, a two-sided jigger, and two liquor pourers. Last but not least, the stainless steel kit also comes with a handy storage and travel bag — yes, now you can be the life of any party. It also includes an eBook with recipes and tips, as well as a pocket recipe booklet for aspiring bartenders.

So what's the verdict? Although one Amazon reviewer mentioned that the Barillio shaker gets very cold during use (which is pretty standard as far as shakers go) and has some sharp edges (also normal), they also praised the accessory's versatility: "Having all the essential accessories is very convenient to be able to make all sorts of cocktails." The consumer adds that the set is super easy to use and notes, "I had no problem using the shaker and the built-in strainer is great. Everything makes a tight seal and no leaks anywhere."

Purchase Barillio's Rose Copper Cocktail Shaker Set from Amazon starting at $24.99.

Best designed cocktail shaker

Available in myriad colors and designs such as midnight black, opal tide, and ocean quartz, the Simple Modern Insulated Cocktail Shaker is bound to become the centerpiece of any home bar in no time. However, this shaker's appeal goes far beyond aesthetics. Made from stainless steel, the tumbler is double-walled and vacuum insulated to keep your drinks cold and your hands warm. Since it's a cobbler-style shaker, the Simple Modern tumbler also comes with a built-in strainer and a twist-on and off lid that also functions as a jigger.

Simple Modern's Insulated Cocktail Shaker received a cool 8.2 out of 10 by Best Views Reviews. The bar kitchen accessory has also been a hit with Amazon reviewers who praised its design and functionality. One Amazon customer who purchased the purple-colored tumbler says that it's "beautiful, sparkly, and works great. Never spills or drips and is easy to clean. It's so pretty I often leave it out on my counter."

Purchase the Simple Modern Insulated Cocktail Shaker on Amazon starting at $29.99.

Best cocktail shaker for durability

Billed as "the last cocktail shaker you'll ever own," the Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Shaker comes with a lifetime guarantee. Made from pro-grade stainless steel, the cobbler-style shaker features double-wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks chilled and your hands warm. It also stops condensation from accumulating on the counter. The 28-ounce cocktail shaker comes with a high-capacity jigger with measuring notches from ¼ to 6 ounces and a leak-free twist-lock lid. Plus, the integrated strainer ensures that cocktails end up in the glass ice-free.

So what do aspiring and professional bartenders make of the Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Shaker? Standing testament to its quality, around 85% of Amazon reviewers have given the shaker five out of five stars. One Amazon reviewer went as far as calling the shaker perfect, saying that it's by far the best tumbler that he's ever tried. More specifically, his review praises the shaker for its tight screw-on design, large jigger lid, and the fact that it's dishwasher safe.

Purchase the Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Shaker from Amazon starting at $69.99.

Best cocktail shaker for a splurge

Those with a spare $100 could do worse than investing in the Crafthouse by Fortessa Cocktail Shaker Set. Designed by World Champion Bartender, Charles Joly, the set contains all the bits and pieces you'll ever need to make professional-grade cocktails, including a Boston shaker, a Hawthorne strainer, a jigger, and a muddler. While the shaker, strainer, and jiggler are crafted from heavy gauge stainless steel (all dishwasher-safe), the 11.5-inch muddler stick is made from black walnut wood (via Dillard's).

Community reviews praise the cocktail shaker set for its sleek design, quality, and versatility. Perhaps one Amazon reviewer sums up the appeal of the set best, saying that it's "made beautifully and the cup fit is perfect, not a drop spilled! [...] The jigger has lines inside to measure but they are a bit hard to see when pouring. That would be the only thing that could use improvement. [...] all in all, an excellent set, well packaged for a very nice gift presentation but you will want to keep it for yourself."

Purchase the Crafthouse by Fortessa Cocktail Shaker Set from Amazon starting at $100.

Best mini cocktail shaker

Suitable for crafting one cocktail at a time, the Newness Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker is an ideal companion for solo nights in front of the TV. Cobbler style, the 8.4-ounce shaker comes with a built-in strainer and an airtight lid to prevent spills. Unlike larger tumblers, the Newness shaker is easy to use with just one hand, even if you have small palms. Made from food-grade stainless steel, the shaker is dishwasher safe, although it isn't resistant to rust or corrosion.

There's little doubt that the Newness cocktail shaker is a hit with budding mixologists. The shaker received an ultra-high score of 9.5 out of 10 on Best Views Reviews. In addition, 81% of Amazon reviewers rated the bar accessory five out of five stars. One satisfied Amazon reviewer deemed the shaker an outstanding purchase, adding that he's "had martini shakers before, but they were always bigger than necessary and prone to sticking together." The pleased customer adds that it's a "Great gift idea for your friends who like martinis, but have a spouse or partner who doesn't share that passion."

Purchase the Newness Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker from Amazon starting at $15.99.

Best cocktail shaker that doubles as a glass

Doubling as a 20-ounce tumbler glass, BrüMate's Cocktail Shaker is perfect for minimal mess and fuss. Featuring a shatter-proof design, the sturdy bar accessory is also triple-insulated to guarantee ice-cold drinks and zero condensation on your counter. Plus, the shaker is leak-proof — according to Black Tail NYC you can flip it upside down without any messy spills. Last but not least, the BrüMate shaker comes in a variety of colors and designs such as rainbow titanium, neon pink, walnut, and glitter rose gold.

With an 8.6 out of 10 rating from Best Views Reviews, this cocktail shaker has received a positive reception from aspiring bartenders. Amazon reviewers have also praised the bar tool for its aesthetics and design, as well as its functionality. One reviewer shared, "Over the years I have used and discarded many shakers. They leaked, they sweated, they stained and they simply did not deliver what they promised. This one is fantastic. No leaks, no sweat, just a great shaker. It also serves as a tumbler. Best purchase you can make."

Purchase the BrüMate Cocktail Shaker on Amazon starting at $34.99.

Best novelty cocktail shaker

It's easy to add a personal touch to your cocktail game with Viski's Rocket Cocktail Shaker. Featuring a sleek rocket design, the shaker comes complete with a strainer, a launchpad stand, and a capsule-inspired lid cap. Plus, the 24-ounce tumbler is made from polished stainless steel for maximum durability. Not into rockets? No stress, because Viski also stocks penguin shakers. Slightly smaller than its rocket counterpart, the Viski Penguin Cocktail Shaker features a strainer and penguin head cap.

Amazon reviewers agree that Viski's Rocket Cocktail Shaker makes a great statement piece. And while some find it a bit small, most cocktail enthusiasts say that the shaker's design is worth the compromise. One Amazon reviewer commends the shaker, saying, "This was well worth the money. Very stylish and leak proof! Easy to clean and did I say, stylish?! Love this shaker!"

Purchase the Rocket Cocktail Shaker from Viski starting at $39.99.

Best cocktail shaker for travel

Fancy a cocktail or two on the road? The Stanley Happy Hour Cocktail Shaker Set has you covered. Consisting of a 20-ounce cobbler-style shaker, two cups, a twist-to-lock strainer jigger top, and a citrus reamer, this kit has all the tools you'll ever need to craft outstanding cocktails both at home and in the great outdoors. The two shutter-proof cups are even double-walled to retain the cold inside without chilling your hands.

Crafted from stainless steel with plastic fittings, the shaker set is sturdy enough to take on a camping trip without being overly heavy. It's also easy to assemble and disassemble, plus it's dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up once you get back home. Last but not least, the Stanley Happy Hour Cocktail Shaker Set comes with a lifetime warranty so you know that you're getting a quality product (via Spirits Review).

Purchase the Stanley Happy Hour Cocktail Shaker Set from Amazon starting at $32.38.

Best Parisian style cocktail shaker

Also known as the French or Parisienne shaker, the Parisian shaker is not as well-known as Boston or cobbler models. Combining elements of its more popular counterparts, the Parisian shaker consists of two pieces like the Boston shaker but its cylindrical shape resembles the cobbler. However, unlike the latter, it doesn't come with a strainer (via Cocktail Society).

Affordable and elegant, Viski's Parisian Cocktail Shaker is made of stainless steel and comes in three finishes — gold, copper, and gunmetal black. With a generous 25-ounce capacity, the Viski shaker performs just as well when it comes to a quiet drink with a friend as it does at a house party. Impressed with its aesthetics and functionality, 70% of Amazon reviewers give it a five out of five rating, with one reviewer noting that "The quality is better than I expected and [it] looks elegant on my bar cart. I only wish it had a strainer, other than that, I love it!"

Purchase the Viski Parisian Cocktail Shaker from Amazon starting at $34.94.