Valerie Bertinelli Just Revealed Her Favorite Costume From Kids Baking Championship

Suppose you're a fan of the Food Network and enjoy watching fast-paced cooking on screen. In that case, there is a good chance you've heard of the popular show "Kids Baking Championship" especially if you have tiny viewers watching with you. Hosted by creative cake creator Duff Goldman and much-loved TV star Valeri Bertinelli, the successful show has been up and running since 2015 and its 10th season finished airing in February of this year (via IMDb). The show has gleaned ample attention and was nominated for Favorite Reality Show at the 2022 Kids' Choice Awards in April (per People).

While there may be some things you don't know about host Duff Goldman, there are also some surprising elements to Valeri Bertinelli that don't include her TV performances. Apart from her popular cookbook, Bertinelli has also written some personal books, most recently "Enough Already," which is about cultivating self-acceptance in a dieting culture and was released at the beginning of this year. 

Bertinelli believes in honoring what's important in her life, and their son, Wolfgang is at the top of her list.The well-liked celebrity has no problem publicly praising her son for his music and showing him love. In fact, just last week Bertinelli revealed her latest costume for Kids Baking Championship and it includes all of her favorite things including her son, Wolfgang Van Halen.

Valerie Bertinelli's clever get-up

Last week, Valerie Bertinelli posted on Twitter detailing her "loves" in costume form for "Kids Baking Championship" and included a quick sneak peek of the glorified ensemble. At the end of the post, Bertinelli says the costume incorporates all of her favorite things apart from coffee: "Wolfie, kitties, books, just missing the coffee." Valerie Bertinelli has made many public displays of love for her son Wolfgang, the latest being her support for his Emmy nomination for Best Rock song earlier this year (via Instagram). There is no doubt her love for "Wolfie" is at the top of her favorites list, but would you expect cats to be up there too?

Let it be known that the popular TV host has a separate Instagram account just for her cats and fans are always quick to leave positive comments when her furry companions take center stage. Bertinelli clearly respects her own authorship as well and has a newfound love for herself that she didn't have at the start of her career (via Forbes). With this self-appreciation comes a light-heartedness that is refreshing and heart-warming. While a start date hasn't been given yet for "Kids Baking Championship" Season 11, with one bubbly host dawning costumes for the show, be on the lookout for the next release.