The One Ingredient Andrew Zimmern Can't Stand In His Drinks

Andrew Zimmern is a writer, chef, TV personality, and the creator of "Bizarre Foods," so it's no wonder he captures America's attention over and over again. Throughout the 12 seasons of the fascinating show, Zimmern ate some truly terrifying foods, like suri and jellied moose nose. Still, there are some things, believe it or not, that this adventurous chef won't eat, such as rotten canned fish, durian, and a bamboo rat (per The Travel).

The TV personality is known for his abstaining from alcohol, although he does like to share his favorite alcoholic beverage recipes for all of those who do enjoy cocktails. In 2020, he shared a spiced mulled wine recipe on his Facebook page for National Drink Wine Day. The chef also likes to share some alcohol-free recipes as well, such as this refreshing "cucumber-and-mint infused lemonade" he recently posted to Twitter. However, there's one ingredient, besides alcohol, that Zimmern just can't stand in his drinks.

Andrew Zimmern despises added sugar in his drinks

In an interview with Time, Andrew Zimmern and two other food celebrities shared the foods they think shouldn't be eaten. Zimmern admitted that he just can't stand sugar in his drinks, particularly "juice drinks marketed as health beverages in stores." He despises the fact that these drinks are being sold as "nutritionally balanced products" even though they contain tons of sugar. The packaging can also be misleading because people might think that the juice contains only fruits and vegetables. 

You might be shocked to know that sugar has been called one of the most dangerous drugs that most of us are addicted to (via Healthline). Furthermore, Healthy Food America posted some chilling information about sugar-laden drinks, including the fact that almost "10% of all calories consumed by teenagers and young adults are from just sugary drinks." Yikes. 

Zimmern recommends grabbing a piece of fresh fruit instead of a sugary beverage and suggests that we ingest added sugar at our own peril. And if you're avoiding sugar, there are many foods that are secretly loaded with sugar to watch out for.