The Sight Of McDonald's Water Under A Microscope Has TikTok In Shambles

If you've been on the Internet for a long time, chances are you've probably heard a lot of rumors about what goes into fast food. You may have heard the "pink slime" rumors surrounding McDonald's McNuggets (via CNBC) or the horse meat gossip about Burger King Whoppers (via AP News). Of course, rumors like these are more often than not debunked, with the companies in question standing firm that no slime, goop, or any other inedible product has ever been part of its menus. 

Still, the question of what exactly makes up the famous foods and drinks of these fast food giants still stands. After all, no matter how many copycat recipes you make (and no matter how good they turn out to be), the finished product just doesn't match up with the real deal. Could it be that there's something more to these products that give them an edge over everyone else? If only you could examine just what makes up the average McDonald's meal and see what secrets lie hidden in plain sight.

Fortunately for you, should you have such a burning desire, there is a TikTok account armed with a microscope that has taken the liberty of scrutinizing the menus of McDonald's and other fast food chains, allowing us to see just what we've been eating and drinking — right down to the very last drop.

McDonald's water got the microscope treatment

TikTok user, @closeintel, has a unique focus — examining different things under microscopes to show the world just what exactly makes up some of the most common elements of our lives. In a video posted on July 1, the subject was "McDonald's water," which when placed under the microscope, revealed a rather shocking surprise. The water seemed to contain elements of microfibers, microplastics, and other "debris."

"You're lucky you didn't get the water from my old McDonald's bc they NEVER cleaned their ice machine," claimed one viewer. "I think you meant a "McMicrofiber" but it's ok," joked another commenter.

Interestingly, similar fibers were also found in other fast-food items, such as Chick-fil-A. In May 2022, the same TikTok account uploaded an examination of Chick-fil-A nuggets under the microscope and discovered similar fiber-like structures in the breading. While the video mentioned that McDonald's nuggets also had these fibers, no explanation was given as to what the fibers are or where they came from.

To say McDonald's is selling plastic-laden drinks and food, however, would be jumping to conclusions. The microfibers and other "debris" has been theorized to come from certain packagings, such as cups and containers, that leave traces of plastics and fibers (via The Hill). 

If you are feeling a bit queasy about ordering water, may we suggest McDonald's Sprite?