FitMenCook's Kevin Curry Has Simple Advice To Cut Time In The Kitchen - Exclusive

We've all felt it — the dreaded aftermath of cooking: cleaning up dishes. Cooking can be a time-consuming task (especially if you want to make yourself a tasty pasta dish or a grilled filet for dinner). That's why opting for microwave meals or takeout can seem like the easier option. Although those solutions are great every once in a while, it is important to recognize that there are ways to cut time in the kitchen that result in tasty food and no hassle. Kevin Curry, creator of FitMenCook, has some tricks up his sleeve when it comes to quick dinners.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, the food blogger opened up about his new summer recipes, meal prepping, and his inspiration behind creating recipes online. The kitchen can be an overwhelming place for some people, so Curry explained the ways to make it simpler. His first tip is to stock up on those frozen and prepped ingredients so you don't spend too much time cutting up those peppers or lettuce. Kevin's second tip may change the way you view your online recipes.

Kevin says to cook foods at the same time

While cooking one recipe at a time sounds like a good idea, it actually is a huge time waster. Curry said, "My tip for people is we tend to look at recipes in tunnel vision. You may want to make two things." He continued, "People tend to [think], 'All right, I'm going to make this recipe first, and then I'm going to make this recipe.' You got to show people or people need to begin to cook things concurrently." Sounds easy enough, until your broccoli is boiling over and your oven starts smoking! Don't worry though — Kevin has the solution.

The content creator rationalized, "You look at the ingredients from both recipes that are going to take the most and you start those things together." Curry compared shortening your time in the kitchen to a workout, as "you never stop moving and it's to your benefit." While you're waiting for your food to cook on the stovetop, head over to the sink and start cleaning dirty dishes. Once that is done and you're still waiting on your food, grab some containers and start meal prepping. Kevin explains that these tasks allow you to monitor the food while still reducing the after-eating workload.

Meal kits are another way to get on board with easy-to-cook dinners, and Kevin partnered up with Home Chef to cut your kitchen time even more. With four new recipes, such as the Enchilada Turkey Meatloaf, you'll feel like a chef in no time.

Head to Home Chef's website to learn more about its partnership with Kevin, or check out Kevin's Instagram page for more recipe and meal tips.