23 Starbucks Secret Menu Frappuccinos You Need To Try Next

It's no secret that Frappuccinos are a Starbucks menu staple. But one thing remains a true secret, at least for some: the dozens of secret menu Frappuccino concoctions invented by Starbucks fanatics. It's common for customers to tweak already popular Frappuccinos, while others create entirely new blended beverages.

Many of these drinks mimic the flavors of your favorite desserts like bananas Foster, cinnamon buns, and berry cobblers. No matter your dessert preference, your barista can likely blend it into a Frappuccino.

With this in mind, we rounded up a few secret menu Frappuccino creations to make your tastebuds ho wild. With so many supposed "secret menu items," it's unfair to assume that your local Starbucks barista knows which ingredients are needed for every Frappuccino here. So, always be polite when asking for custom drinks and be sure to take careful notes, as you might have to read off the ingredients to get it right. Have a sweet tooth, a need for caffeine, and the desire for something new? In that spirit, here are the Starbucks secret menu Frappuccinos you need to try next.

Bananas Foster Frappuccino

A typical Bananas Foster dessert contains bananas and vanilla ice cream with a sauce made from butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur. The cooked bananas are flambéed in the liqueur, often table side for maximum effect, then served atop the ice cream. Few desserts compare to this delightful, caramelly creation.

When imagining this dessert in Frappuccino form, we found it challenging to comprehend how the original flavors could come through in a blended beverage. Certainly, no one is going to ask the barista to set their drink aflame. To achieve this flavor at Starbucks, Starbucks Secret Menu advises that you order a vanilla bean Frappuccino, then add a banana and caramel syrup, and line the cup with caramel drizzle. Because this drink includes a banana, you must order a grande or venti. As for toppings, don't forget the whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

Frozen Hot Chocolate Frappuccino

Hot chocolate remains a cozy holiday staple, but what happens when you crave this sort of chocolate deliciousness year-round? The Frozen Hot Chocolate provides the best of both worlds during the warmer months, when the sun is high in the sky. This drink soared in online popularity with an array of customizable toppings like banana, peanut butter, caramel, and marshmallows. 

So, how does Starbucks create the perfect frozen Hot Chocolate? Hot chocolate fanatics discovered that this popular drink needed only a slight tweak to perfect frozen hot chocolate in Frappuccino form. To get it, order the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino with vanilla syrup, whipped cream, and a mocha drizzle (via Starbucks Secret Menu). This drink mimics a chocolate milkshake with the perfect balance of chocolate, coffee, and foam in every sip. Now, you can enjoy hot chocolate all year round!

Cinnamon Bun Frappuccino

Few smells compare to freshly baked cinnamon rolls in the morning, with the warm spices that make your mouth water. Now, did you know you can mimic this smell with a freshly blended cinnamon roll Frappuccino? With a few careful tweaks, you can make a sweet frozen drink that seems an awful lot like the real baked good.

Starbucks Secret Menu suggests that, to achieve this feat, you first order a grande Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with two pumps of white mocha syrup and two pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup. Top it off with cinnamon dolce powder to bring the whole beverage together. Now, of course, a cinnamon roll Frappuccino can be enjoyed any time of the year, but there's simply something about the cinnamon smell and flavor gives us that warm holiday feeling. Perhaps it's best enjoyed on your next holiday shopping trip to get that perfect end-of-year feeling.

Hello Kitty Frappuccino

Are you looking for a Frappuccino that mimics a certain animated cat you loved to watch as a child? Then consider the secret menu concoction that is the Hello Kitty Frappuccino. While the idea of this branded beverage sounds delightful and its fun pink hue is certainly eye-catching, we have to ask: what on earth does a Hello Kitty-link beverage taste like?

According to Totally The Bomb, to order this bright pink Frappuccino, you should start by asking the barista for a Grande Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. Next, ask for light strawberry puree and one scoop of dragon fruit pieces. This will further contribute to the pink hue of the drink. Lastly, don't forget the strawberry chunks and whipped cream on top. While it tastes more like strawberries and cream than a plush little cat (thankfully), we can agree that it's a delicious choice for Hello Kitty fans everywhere.

Whopper Frappuccino

When you hear the word Whopper, do you think of the candy or Burger King? Honest answers only, please. While we want to let our imaginations wander to the thought of creating a burger-infused Frappuccino, we'll save that rather cutting-edge idea for another day. The drink looks to copy the taste of Whoppers candies — those would be the candy malted milk balls covered with an artificial chocolate coating.

Malt contains a unique flavor that isn't always beloved by everyone, so getting the right mix of tastes in a drink can be challenging. Consider the difference between a malt and a milkshake, where the flavor variation is slight but noticeable. To mimic this candy in Frappuccino form, order a grande mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino — yeah, try to say that five times fast. Then ask for a scoop of vanilla bean powder. According to Totally The Bomb, adding strawberry helps to finish off that malty taste without turning your drink into a strawberry Frappuccino.

Churro Frappuccino

Churros are an amusement park staple and the perfect dessert after a Mexican meal. While we love the crunchy, cinnamon-rich taste of an authentic churro, we also love the idea of incorporating it in our favorite Starbucks drink. Here's how this deep-fried treat can make an appearance in your next Frappuccino.

First, start your order off with a vanilla bean Frappuccino, which you can tell by now is the base for quite a few secret menu Frappuccinos. Next, ask your barista to add in some cinnamon dolce syrup, white mocha syrup, and a dusting of cinnamon. Then, top it off with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and a bit more cinnamon (via Starbucks Secret Menu).

The drink clearly contains a lot of cinnamon, but it's fitting for a cinnamon-based dessert. If you dash for the churro cart at Disney, then be sure to try this on your next Starbucks run.

Apple Pie Frappuccino

While pumpkin spice tends to take the limelight in fall, we need not forget apple pie. While the dessert comes into play most commonly during the fall season, a blended beverage version gives apple pie new life all year. Enter the Apple Pie Frappuccino.

During your next Starbucks run, tell your barista the following order as they likely will not know precisely what to include in your drink. Consider tipping extra well, as this process will take some additional time. Order it while there line is short, too, to keep your baristas extra happy. 

As per Starbucks Secret Menu, an Apple Pie Frappuccino contains a cream base, along with some apple juice, cinnamon dolce syrup, and caramel syrup. With a noticeable amount of sugary add-ins, it's safe to assume this drink packs in a serious amount of added sugars. Of course, that's fine for a sometimes treat.

Wonder Woman Frappuccino

Want to try a Starbucks secret menu Frappuccino that will make you feel like a superhero? One sip of the Wonder Woman Frappuccino may feel like you can conquer the world.

To start the Wonder Woman Frappuccino process, first ask the barista for an unsweetened grande Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino. Next, ask for them to add two pumps of white mocha syrup with an extra caramel drizzle. While the beverage is more pink than red (the traditional hue in Wonder Woman's outfit), you get the idea.

According to Totally The Bomb, this is a pretty tasty drink overall. Yet Peter Reviews Stuff feels that the drink does not live up to the hype and tastes like unfortunately old strawberry milk. Of course, you may have your own opinion as well. So long as you're on board with a fairly sweet drink — as practically all Frappuccinos are — you can consider giving this one a try.

Dragonfruit Frappuccino

Summertime and warmer weather call for something fruity and refreshing. Dragonfruit, anyone? At first glance, the Dragonfruit Frappuccino mimics the chain's famous "pink drink," a pink refresher made with coconut milk. This drink may look similar, but the pink hue from the dragonfruit is much darker, while it naturally has a thicker consistency as a blended frozen drink.

Next time you take a trip to Starbucks, have this recipe on hand for the Dragonfruit Frappuccino. According to Starbucks Secret Menu, this drink combines coconut milk and mango refresher with two scoops of added dragonfruit and a crème base. Then the barista tops it all with a generous dollop of whipped cream, arguably an essential part of any Frappuccino. Not only will the vibrant color draw you into the beverage, but the extra rich, creamy flavor from the coconut and creme will likely have you returning for more.

Cotton Candy Frappuccino

Turning desserts into Frappuccinos appears to be a favorite pastime of Starbucks fans everywhere. Why not add fluffy cotton candy, the darling of the fair, to that list? Surprisingly, this Frappuccino was once on the official menu, but it has since been removed and now waits on the secret menu.

According to Coffee at Three, the Cotton Candy Frappuccino tastes like the real, super sugary deal. To try it for yourself, first order a Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino and ask the barista to add two pumps of raspberry syrup. While you would assume the pumps would change the drink's color to purple or pink, it can actually look white at this stage. Coffee at Three adds that the raspberry syrup contains no artificial colors, which keeps the color neutral. For a pink hue, consider adding in another powder or syrup. Like most Frappuccinos and cotton candy, the drink tastes very sweet indeed.

Cake Batter Frappuccino

Whether it's your birthday or not, this secret menu Frappuccino will rock your tastebuds. The Cake Batter or Birthday Cake Frappuccino, really can taste like cake in a cup. Compared to others on our list, this Frappuccino requires minimal additional ingredients, making it easy to order when the line is long.

To achieve cake batter perfection, Starbucks Secret Menu says that you should order a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. Then, add a hazelnut syrup pump (up to two depending on the size of the cup).

According to Starbucks Secret Menu, if you love Starbucks cake pops, you can also ask the barista to blend one into your drink. We can't guarantee that every location will do this, but if yours does, expect a blast of cake flavor to come through your straw. While we also recommend choosing the birthday cake pop flavor for this maneuver, you can also choose the chocolate flavor.

WandaVision Frappuccino

Though this Frappuccino may be one of the most complicated ones on this list, that won't stop us from ordering a next-level Frappuccino — just say please and thank you, and be generous when it comes to tipping your barista. But how did the drink get its name? The WandaVision Frappuccino's coloring mimics the static image left on TV commonly visible throughout the beloved Marvel show. While the bright color might not look appealing at first glance, it's delicious.

We start by ordering a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, as per Totally The Bomb. Next, ask for one pump each of white mocha and raspberry syrup. Then, have your barista combine strawberry puree and mocha drizzle on top of the whipped cream on the bottom of the cup. Finally, ask for them to drizzle chocolate on top of the Frappuccino. The outward appearance will look like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry mix, but it will leave you thinking of your favorite Marvel miniseries.

Stranger Things Frappuccino

Transport to the Upside Down with this next secret menu Frappuccino. According to Starbucks barista Josiah, via his TikTok, this drink offers a "mysteriously delicious taste."

Start your order by adding four pumps of frapp roast, milk, four pumps of mocha, four scoops of java chips, ice, and base into a blender. It appears that these measurements create a venti drink. While blending, Josiah adds whipped cream to the bottom of the drink cup and tops it all off with an extra cookie crumble.

He then lines the cup with an extra mocha and strawberry drizzle before pouring the contents of the blender inside. He then tops the Frappuccino with whipped cream and a chocolate and strawberry drizzle. He rates it pretty highly, so, as long as you can stand a very sweet drink, you may want to give it a go. Dare we say this will give you some of the powers of Eleven?

Cadbury Egg Frappuccino

This Frappuccino tastes like it was handcrafted by the Easter Bunny out of fresh Cadbury Crème Eggs. According to Starbucks Secret Menu, start by ordering a Java Chip Frappuccino. If you were getting a bit overwhelmed by the vanilla bases for all of the other orders, this chocolate-rich one is definitely for you. While you're at it, make sure to ask the barista to add one to three pumps of Frappuccino roast, depending on the size you order. 

Next, add vanilla and caramel syrup, though you should note that, again, the number of syrup pumps you'll want will differ by size. Finally, ask the barista to add vanilla bean powder to top off the drink. Blend it all up and add a topping of whipped cream for a delicious dessert in a cup. We bet that this Frappuccino will have you reminiscing about Easter basket goodies all year.

Kinder Bueno Frappuccino

Introducing another Starbucks secret menu Frappuccinos with candy inspiration, we present you the Kinder Bueno Frappuccino, via TikTok account starbucks_diff.

Start with nut blend milk in the cup and hazelnut syrup. It appears the barista adds three pumps of syrup in the video. Next, add white mocha syrup, plenty of ice, and a creme base. Once combined, blend it up and pour it into a grande cup. To top off the Kinder Bueno Frappuccino, add whipped cream and cookie topping. The blend of nut milk and the cookie crumble topping, in our opinion, sets this secret menu item apart from many other mocha-based Frappuccinos.

While we provided step-by-step creation instructions, the barista in the TikTok adds that you can make things easier for both yourself and your busy barista. Simplify the order for this drink by asking for a white mocha creme Frappuccino with hazelnut syrup, nut blend milk, and cookie topping.

Dole Whip Frappuccino

Disney may make a mean Dole Whip, but watch out because your Starbucks barista can craft a Dole Whip Frappuccino that will make you question if it's better than the real deal. For those unfamiliar with the drink, a Dole Whip is a pineapple-flavored soft serve commonly found at Disney. If you want to be transported to Disney or a tropical vacation through a pineapple Frappuccino, then get ready to take some notes. 

According to Totally The Bomb, start by ordering a tall Vanilla Creme Frappuccino. Then add six pumps of pineapple-ginger syrup and top it with whipped cream. With its fruity nature (as opposed to taking cues from chocolate or vanilla), this drink stands apart from many other seriously rich Frappuccinos.

This Frappuccino tastes incredibly full of pineapple in the best way and will surely send you straight to island time or provide some serious Disney nostalgia.

Loki Frappuccino

Marvel fans rejoice! We have another secret menu Frappuccino based on one of your favorite characters: the god of mischief himself, Loki. With its green hue, the Loki Frappuccino may look like it should be made around St. Patrick's Day, but fear not. We think it represents the villain in all his glory.

According to Totally The Bomb, start by ordering a grande Green Tea Frappuccino with no classic syrup. Next, ask for it to be made with sweet cream and include three pumps of brown sugar syrup. These additives will make the drink extra thick and sweet. Finally, ask for extra caramel drizzle and mocha cookie crumble topping, bringing in more sugar, texture, and visual contrast.

The final product will mimic the appearance of a caramel apple Frappuccino, but the flavor on this one is pretty unique. Chances are good that your tastebuds will thank you for ordering this secret menu item.

Ladybug Frappuccino

Now, why on earth would someone eat a bug? Great question! Fortunately, there are no bugs consumed here, as the Ladybug Frappuccino gets its name from the color of the drink rather than the insect.

Start by adding strawberry puree to the bottom of the cup. Next, add milk before dumping the cup's contents into the blender. Once in the blender, add a scoop of vanilla bean powder and java chips. Before blending, don't forget the ice and cream base to bring the whole mixture together. 

This next step takes this drink from your average Frappuccino to a work of art. Miraculous Toons demonstrates adding "Ladybug Spots" to the side of the cup using chocolate syrup and strawberry puree to fill in the empty spots with red. Finally, the blended components are added to the cup, and the barista tops it with whip cream and more "Ladybug Spots" to achieve the perfect Ladybug Frappuccino.

Twix Frappuccino

If you consider Twix to be one of your favorite candies, then surely this next secret menu Frappuccino will bring a twinkle to your eye and tastebuds with the chocolate and caramel flavors you love in the famous candy bar. According to #HacktheMenu, this blended creation tastes richer and creamier than the popular Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino.

To create the Twix Frappuccino, start off by ordering a Caramel Frappuccino with one to two additional pumps of caramel and hazelnut syrups. Then add in java chips and, once it's all been blended together, ask the barista to add more caramel and mocha drizzle on top. With these syrups, add-ins, and drizzles, it's no surprise this Frappuccino packs a seriously rich punch in every sip compared to its more plain caramel Frappuccino counterpart. This drink may be our new go-to next time we have a hankering for a caramel mocha delight.

Triple Berry Cobbler

If you love fruity desserts, then we think you'll will enjoy this next secret menu Frappuccino. The Triple Berry Cobbler Frappuccino combines the flavors of raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry. Mixing flavors is common for Starbucks, but ensuring all of them are evenly represented can be challenging. In the case of this cobbler-inspired trifecta, those berry flavors play together incredibly well.

This Frappuccino begins with a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino base. Starbucks Secret Menu then suggests that you ask your barista to add white mocha syrup, raspberry syrup, freeze-dried blackberries, and blueberries to the mix. They'll then double blend and top it with whipped cream. The number of pumps naturally increases as you order larger cup sizes, so take this into account when ordering.

As for the taste, every sip tastes like a fruity dessert straight out of grandma's kitchen, even if there are no cobbler-consuming holidays on the horizon.

Skittles Frappuccino

How does one take colorful candy like Skittles and turn it into a Frappuccino? TikTok staple and Starbucks barista mayasmithhhh did just that with the Skittles Frappuccino.

She kicked off this Frappuccino creation by adding strawberry puree to the bottom of the cup, along with whole milk. After moving that mix into a blender, she added four pumps of vanilla syrup and one and a half pumps of raspberry and creme base, along with ice. After returning the blended mix to the cup, she topped it off with more strawberry puree and whipped cream.

We first wondered if this was really a Skittles-based treat — you can argue that it's actually a strawberry and cream Frappuccino. Our thoughts were validated when we turned to the comments, where viewers expressed disappointment that no real Skittles were added to the final drink. However, you may appreciate the lack of candies and just the Skittles-based inspiration.

Fruity Pebbles Frappuccino

Imagine if the Flinstones had a Starbucks on the corner in downtown Bedrock back in the day, we can only wonder what they would order when they're craving a cold blended drink. We had high hopes for this recipe, thinking that it could play off the popular sweetened crispy rice cereal in its name. But how does it really fare?

To order a Fruity Pebbles Frappuccino, ask for a Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino with vanilla, raspberry, and classic syrups. Increase the syrup pumps for each cup size. According to Starbucks Secret Menu, you can also request that the barista throw in orange mango juice for an added fruity flavor.

The final result yields an orange drink that mimics an Orange Julius you ordered from the local Dairy Queen. While we don't believe this drink tastes like eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, we do taste hints of fruit in every sip.

Banana Split Frappuccino

A Banana Split Frappuccino is a considerably sweet treat. Generally speaking, the original dessert combines a banana, three ice cream scoops of your choice, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. Other toppings can be added in to your liking, such as sprinkles and chopped nuts. This drink will let you enjoy one of your favorite desserts in Frappuccino form.

With so many flavors to incorporate, you're definitely in for a complex treat with the Banana Split Frappuccino. To create this, as per Starbucks Secret Menu, you will start with a base of a Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino. Then add a scoop of vanilla bean powder and java chips. Next, the barista will add in a whole banana, arguably one of the most important steps (it is in the name, after all). Finally, top with fixings like whipped cream, mocha, and caramel drizzle as desired.