New Survey Reveals Which Chili's Appetizer Americans Dislike The Most

According to GrubHub, appetizers are on the rise in 2022. In 2021, too, some of these foods increased tremendously in popularity. Poke nachos rose by 158%, while tofu lettuce wraps grew by 155%. The highest growth for an appetizer food was 310% by shredded pork tacos.

So, who came up with the idea of serving food before an actual meal? Per 158 Main, it likely began naturally across various cultures. One possibility is that it's a direct take-away from casually snacking on fruits and nuts as food was prepared. Interestingly, appetizers weren't always served at the start of the meal. They used to be an integral part of the meal itself.

Chili's, like many other American restaurant chains, is known for its appetizers, and everyone has their go-tos when they visit the restaurant chain. With that in mind, Mashed conducted a survey to find which appetizer is customers' least favorite.

A blow for the roll

A Mashed survey of 526 consumers revealed that Chili's southwestern egg rolls are deemed inferior to the chain's other appetizer choices by a wide margin. With 34.95% of votes, the egg rolls took home the not-so-top survey prize.

The second least-favorite Chili's appetizer was the crispy cheddar bites, with 20.91% of votes. On the other hand, the most desirable of the five listed options was the Texas cheese fries, which only 13.31% of people disliked. The other surveyed options include classic nachos at 14.45% and boneless wings at 16.35%.

Surveys like these prove how different people's palates can be. Still, Chili's tries to account for the differences with its Triple Dipper appetizer, which allows customers to choose three selections to create an appetizer sampler. There, fans can test items that weren't included in Mashed's survey, such as the Big Mouth bites and the fried pickles.