Wendy's Freebie Offer Sounds Tailor-Made For Fans Who Dip Their Fries In Frosties

Across the spectrum of divisive food pairings, you're likely to encounter debates surrounding everything from pineapple on pizza to the best things to put on your peanut butter sandwich that aren't jelly. But beyond personal preference, there's also the fast food realm of oddities that hinge on certain popular menu items. Take, for instance, Wendy's version of the eyebrow-raising practice of dipping Wendy's fries in the chain's iconic Frosties. While some people will only eat Wendy's fries in this fashion, others could never imagine having anything other than ketchup with their fries.

While food combination preference can be chalked up to a matter of taste, a new deal at Wendy's is a stone-cold fact. Now through July 31st, per Brand Eating, Wendy's is offering a freebie that everyone can enjoy, wherever you land within the fries-in-Frosties debate. The freebie in question is an order of the chain's medium-size fries. But if you want to claim your prize, you'll have to do a little prep before you walk up to a Wendy's counter and snagging your spuds.

How to claim your free Wendy's fries

If you don't already have it, you'll need to download the Wendy's app to partake in this deal. When you order any size Wendy's Frosty through the app, you'll get an order of free medium-size fries. Brand Eating reports that this deal is good through July 31, so there's still some time to snag those free fries and get to dunking them in your Frosty. Choose wisely between chocolate, vanilla, and the limited edition strawberry flavors, all of which can help cool you down on a hot summer's day.

On top of occasional freebies, ordering through the Wendy's app also allows guests to collect points, exactly 10 points for every dollar spent. When guests earn enough points, they can be traded for a variety of food items at various Wendy's locations. Additionally, upon creating a new account, you are eligible for a free 10-piece nugget with your first purchase and you'll get 150 points to start you off, which, per the website, is enough points to get you a free Frosty.